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Whilst you are reading this column I will be in Rhodes hopefully sunning myself then I am back home for a week before I go off to Mexico for close on 2 weeks, life is tough at times, but I manage to cope!!

I recently received a copy of Mechanical Memories Magazine, and I vaguely then remembered that Stuart Dale of this magazine had approached me for my permission to re-run my article I did on ‘Our Ian’ – Ian Jamieson, and lo and behold there it was published in this magazine.  Many thanks to Stuart and to the editor Jerry Chattenton for running this story, it feels a great honour on my part to be include in your magazine.  The magazine is great if you are into photos and articles on old machines, arcades, piers etc and I found it to be interesting. The website for the magazine is and Jerry’s email address is, there is also another website connected to them which is

Here we have some notes from the 34th Irish show, formerly named AMEX now under the title of The Annual Irish Gaming, Casino & Amusement Show.I attended (as always) the Irish show held at the Green Isle Hotel, Dublin, this was the 34th show and I for my sins have attended 33 of them – so it must have something going for it.  Jim McCann of Kimble has also attended 33 as for the first time ever he didn’t exhibit at the Irish show this year, it wasn’t quite the same without you Jim and you were missed.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Innovative Technologies Aidan Towey for transporting in his car numerous of my raffle prizes for the Barnardo’s raffle, when I dropped the prizes of at the offices of Innovative Technologies, Aidan was amazed to see such a huge bag packed to capacity plus another one along with it, he asked me if I was leaving home!!  Anyway this was much appreciated and without your kindness I would have struggled to get the prizes to the show, so many thanks you are a true gent.

AMG, Harry Levy, Cummins Allison, Kieran Martin, Jim and Ann Casey, Carnaby Gaming, Novelty Vending, Brent Electronics, Coin-Op Community, Q Leisure, NSM and Innovative Technology,  kindly donated prizes for the raffle, and without the prizes I wouldn’t be able to sell tickets.

On the tickets side many thanks to all who bought tickets and congratulations to those of you who won, and I hope you enjoyed your prizes.  It was nice to see Susan Feery one of the shows organisers win a prize this year, Susan has always supported me with the purchase of raffle tickets and it was the first time that she has ever won a prize in the raffle.   Likewise with Mick Kennedy of Harry Levy who also won a prize for the first time, I was upset though that Mick’s prize included a bottle of pink champagne, and as this is my favourite drink I was hoping with baited breath to get a drink of this, but this was not forthcoming.  Only joking Mick you deserved to win, and I hope that you and your lovely wife Pin enjoyed it.

Mick also receives my thanks for acting as MC for the raffle he does this every year for me, and guess what this year he didn’t fall off the stool!!

Thanks also to Sound Leisure for supplying the microphone and equipment, it does manage to save Mick’s voice a little.

At the end of the raffle there was the usual auction, this year there were several prizes including 3kg of Toblerone donated by Steve Short of Brent Electronics, bottle of spirit, leather goods, glassware and a 50” plasma television kindly donated by Derek Lynch of Carnaby Gaming. John  Purcell was the highest bidder for the auction and he won the goods.  Janice, John’s daughter was thrilled, as last year he had won a 3kg of Toblerone as she really loves Toblerone, and when they took this home last year Janice measured the length of the Toblerone against the length of her baby, and guess what the Toblerone was longer.  I wonder what the situation would have been this year Janice, I’ll bet the baby has grown tremendously in 12 months and will be longer than the Toblerone, whatever Janice I’m sure you enjoyed eating it, and I hope John that you will enjoy viewing from your new television.

My thanks to John Purcell and Susan Feery the show’s organisers for kindly allowing the raffle to take place each year, I think by now that people feel it is as much a part of the show as the show itself.  Also appreciated is the free bar and food that John and Susan provide for the social evening, and I’m sure that one and all would like to thank you for this, and it is most enjoyable, and all makes up for a happy atmosphere for the show.

JNC’s Gary Newman won a litre bottle of Smirnoff vodka in the raffle and he was lucky to get a sip of it never a full drink. Gary took the bottle to the bedroom which he was sharing with Gavin Fitzgerald, then went out for a meal and a few drinks with the lads.  On his return to his room the vodka was intact, but when he woke up in the morning the bottle was virtually empty, apparently Gavin had woken up in the middle of the night and fancied a drink, so he helped himself to Gary’s vodka.  Gavin told me he really enjoyed it, and said fancy leaving a bottle of vodka in a room with an Irishman, that’s asking for trouble!!  Maybe next time Gary you should hide the vodka, after all once bitten twice shy.

Colm O’Donnell an Irish operator from Buncrana was a visitor to the show, I haven’t seen Colm for around 5 years, and he told he was wondering if I would be there and he was pleased to see me, and that I was looking good.  Thank you for your kind comments Colm, this must have been one of my better days when the ‘Polyfilla’ wasn’t needed, I say that some days I need none, other days I need some and there are days when I really could do with a wagon of ‘Polyfilla’ at the front door, but whatever life is life and one can’t be young forever, shame though!!

John Farrington ex Cosmic Video was another person that has been missing from the Irish show and the industry for a while, John informed me the reason for this was that he’s undergone surgery on his spine, but he’s now back and feeling much better.  Must admit John you looked quite well and it was good to see you around again.

Carnaby Gaming’s John Lynch is a man that is prepared for most things, in fact one could go as far as to say he’s a man prepared for everything, including his own rubber stamp.  I sold John some raffle tickets and he said that he might not be in the bar for the draw, so I said I would put his name on the stubs and on the back of the tickets and I would hold onto the tickets for him, but John went better than that.  He produced a stamp from his jacket pocket with his name on it and duly stamped both the stubs and tickets with his name, well it saved me some work at least.  Mind you after all this he was in the bar anyway, enjoying a pint or two of the ‘Black Stuff.’

Many thanks to Shane Murphy of Tobyco for giving me a couple of pens that they had on their stand for customers and visitors, I have to say Shane the pens are amongst the best I have ever had, nice and easy to hold with an attractive outer case and such wonderful writers; no ink blobs!  Mind you that’s typical of Tobyco when they have ‘freebies’ they are always of excellent quality just like their products and their company.

Nice to see Sega’s Phil Mander on Tobyco’s stand, Phil joined Sega in November 2012 and he was paying his first ever visit to the Irish show, lovely to have a new recruit at the show Phil, and I do hope you’ll be back next year.

Novelty Vending had some lovely rocking horses on their stand, and these didn’t only rock they neighed and their tails wagged, they really were cute.  I tried to get Ian Malpas or Matthew Dobbs to pose on one of these for me, but the best I could get was Matthew holding one of the horses in his arms, still something is better than nothing.




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