Phil Hall – Digital Revenue Manager – Bob Rudd Leisure


My name is Philip Hall and I am the new “Digital Revenue Manager” at Bob Rudd Leisure. The company is very much a forward thinking organisation demonstrating that we can “deliver the future now” and I suppose it is due to this concept that my job role has emerged.

I am very new to the industry, which is the basis of my appointment, to gain fresh ideas from someone that is new to the gaming and pub trade. At the moment I am working alongside our hard-working staff to help promote the new digital age, without forgetting the importance of the more traditional gaming machines.

As everybody is aware there has been a lot of change in the economics of the industry due to firstly the smoking ban and secondly the recession we are currently fighting. This in turn has resulted in a decrease in the footfall into public houses. Also with the introduction of online gaming it could be argued that the industry has been hit even harder with gamers preferring to play from the comfort of their own home.

However at Bob Rudd Leisure we are focusing on the positives in working with not just the customers but also the consumers, gathering feedback and improving the gaming environment. As recently published in CoinSlot, the “Machine Champion” nights have been a concept that we have found rewarding. These nights involve members of our staff attending advertised promotion nights with the aim to build relationships with the customer by promoting our machines, whilst gaining feedback on how we can improve our service. The nights have proven to be very successful with a variety of people, including a strong female interest, taking part in the live quiz machine tournament. Following the Machine Champion Nights we have monitored collections to measure the success of the promotion, finding that there was an increase of cash inbox.

Within my role at BRL the fundamental aim is to increase the interaction across the value chain from ourselves to the customer and to the consumer, resulting in an increase in machine activity, ultimately increasing the customer share.

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