Gamestec welcomes opportunity to inspire confidence in young people


The opportunity to put something positive back into the local community was too good to pass up for national machine operator Gamestec and its fleet manager Peter Kowalczyk.

Peter Kowalczyk, fleet manager at Gamestec, the UK’s largest machine operator, has been working with the Go Givers programme to demonstrate to young children a range of skills that will help their development in later life. During four, hour-long sessions at schools in Leeds, Kowalczyk used his personal experiences gained in a fast-paced and often challenging work environment to talk about more general topics that included recycling, homelessness and endangered animals. The common thread, however, was that the presentation and persuasive skills required to achieve progress in any given situation, are often transferrable to the business world and life in general.

The fleet manager, more accustomed to taking care of Gamestec’s substantial vehicle requirements than working in a classroom, was grateful to be given the opportunity by Go Givers to share his knowledge with the youngsters. He commented: “The idea behind Go Givers is to help children acquire real life skills at a very early age. From my point of view, the sessions were all about encouraging children to think about how they present, to instil confidence and enable them to be more direct. I really enjoyed the sessions and the feedback I got from Go Givers was that the children had definitely been engaged and had benefitted from them.”

He added: “In the real world business environment, you’re presenting every day. You could be trying to convince your superiors to take a new idea on board, for example, or get them to seriously consider new technology. So the skills you need to achieve these aims apply equally across different sectors and life generally.”

Go Givers, run by the Citizenship Foundation, is an education programme designed to help caring and concerned citizens develop the skills and confidence to make a positive difference to their communities. Ruth Le Breton, its outreach manager for the north, welcomed Gamestec’s involvement in the four sessions, held at schools in the Horsforth, Calverley and Pudsey areas of Leeds.

Acknowledging the input from Kowalczyk, she noted: Peter was great with the kids. It’s really useful for the children to have someone come into school to work with them that’s not a teacher. It helps the children to place their classroom learning in the wider context of society and to understand how it’s used in the world of work. It makes their learning more practical and relevant. It’s invaluable for our organisation, a charity working with schools to support active citizenship, to be able to work with firms like Gamestec because they are an important part of the local community and we believe children need to understand how their community works in order to play a positive part in it.”


Gamestec fleet manager Peter Kowalczyk, working with Go Givers, helps school children acquire real life skills at a very early age.

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