AMS rolls out new SWP and AWPs


Jason Jarrett from Automatic Machine Services in Kent has been in touch about the company’s new machine investment programme.

“March has seen a big rollout of updates for equipment to enhance cashbox performance across the whole of our SWP estate,” he says. “The eagerly awaited V6 from Games Warehouse and the 2013 version from Fat Spanner will now offer a wider range of games to players as well as the option for Category D (£5 Jackpot) and Category C (£70 Jackpot) games to be included where permits allow.

“Both updates refresh the visual look of the screen to attract players as well as the new “zones” where all the games can now be easily selected. We are hopeful of a good response to the updates as traditionally when new games are loaded the income levels always respond positively but together with the Category C Roulette and Blackjack games on the Paragons, we will eagerly await the results of the first few collections.

“Another product which has received an update during March is the Video Eclipse Digital AWP. This product offers a range of Category C games, predominantly Deal Or No Deal, which when located in the right site, can produce exceptional income levels. These regular updates ensure repeat plays from regulars with the very latest games titles from Bell Fruit.”


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