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As it’s the start of another busy season, now might be a good time to look at the E-Service website and try out their e-commerce system. Paul Smith, Sales Director, explains how customers are using the company’s website to save time, track orders and keep records efficiently.

“Over 30% of our customers now regularly track orders online, using the e-commerce functions on our website”, says Paul. “The site gives a record of order history and tells you the status of orders. You only have to enter your details once; simply use the shopping basket to order and a full record is available online whenever you need it.”

As well as potentially saving time when placing orders, the E-Service website contains special offers, product catalogues, technical manuals and latest company news. Spares, accessories, consumables and cleaning materials can all be ordered online. “It’s like placing your order with a supermarket website only more reliable – unlike supermarkets, we don’t send you alternative products, damaged goods, or items which are close to their sell-by-date!” says Paul.

Records are automatically kept so you don’t need to search through emails or paperwork to find details of the products you ordered previously. Simply log in to the website, select a previous order and then add the items to your shopping basket.

The e-commerce system has been designed to be an extra, efficient way of placing orders, to supplement telephone ordering. “If you prefer to place orders and receive advice over the ‘phone we are available to help”, says Paul. “We realise that many of our customers will always prefer to deal with a person than a website – and of course we also enjoy talking on the ‘phone!”

Whether you place your order online, by telephone or by email, you can save the cost of delivery by using the E-Service van-run. “With supermarkets you also have to pay a delivery charge. With E-Service, you find technical information, order a single component or accessory, track progress, and receive it with free delivery.  If you haven’t already tested the system it might be worth a try”, adds Paul.

To try the e-commerce system, visit . For telephone orders or for more information, contact the sales team on 0844 669 2679.

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