Give Jukeboxes a lift with Soundnet’s Free Booster Service


If you are moving a jukebox to a new site, or bringing an older jukebox back into service after a break, it could be that the music on it needs some refreshing.

Soundnet offers a free Booster Service, which will bring jukeboxes right up to date with all the biggest hits from the last couple of years, so that customers can find everything they want and expect.

“We are constantly profiling the music played on our jukeboxes across the country and we will use this information, along with any extra site data provided by the operator to create a perfect Booster pack to maximise profits,” says Soundnet’s Toby Hoyte. “We offer this amazing service free of charge, because we believe it is in everyone’s best interests to have jukeboxes performing at their maximum capacity.”

Gary Blake, (pictured) regional manager at WCA Ltd finds the service particularly valuable. “Soundnet’s Booster pack is an innovative and essential tool for any digital jukebox operator,” he says.

“It gives me the flexibility to rejuvenate any tired jukeboxes that have been around the estate for a few years. Sometimes the constant update of new music and the removal of the least-played tracks can leave a jukebox a little patchy in certain genres. The Booster pack enables me to refresh the music and add to genres according to a site’s request, without the need for a hard-drive exchange. Incredibly it’s free and you don’t get that often these days!”

For more details of Soundnet’s free Booster service contact James Luck or Toby Hoyte today. 

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