Get ready for Easter with E-Service – Part 3: 5p and 10p Upgrade


There are now only two weeks to go before Easter and – as covered in the first two articles in this series – seasonal arcades are cleaning and refurbishing machines. This week, it’s time to consider upgrading coin mechanisms to accept the new 5p and 10p coins.

“The new coins have been introduced gradually since January last year and our customers are seeing increasingly more of them in circulation”, says Nick Holmes, Sales Manager from E-Service. “Many arcades have delayed the upgrade, but since Christmas we have noticed a marked increase in adaptations.” 

The new, nickel-plated steel coins were introduced by the Royal Mint in January last year, to save the treasury up to £8m per year by replacing copper/nickel alloy coins.  The new coins are the same diameter but 11% thicker than before, requiring a software upgrade and possible mechanical adjustment to the mechanism.

“It was estimated that the new coins were to account for around 10% of circulation at the end of last year. This percentage is increasing so if you haven’t yet upgraded, now might be the time to make the change before the start of another busy season”, says Nick.

Arranging the upgrade is very straightforward. You can adapt a few machines at a time, via the E-Service van-run with no charge for collection or delivery. Your local driver will collect the coin mechanisms, deal with all packaging and paperwork, and return them the following week ready to accept the new coins. Alternatively, the company can discuss the option of upgrading all machines on site – so no need for any games to be out of action.

“All our products and services are focused on keeping machines up and running and taking cash” says Nick, “Mechanism upgrades are therefore central to this service and we will do all we can to support our customers.”

To find out more about how to arrange an upgrade, call the E-Service team on 0844 669 2679 or visit .

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