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In the February column I said I would have photos of the presentation at ICE to Innovative Technology’s David Bellis for his 75th birthday celebrations.  I must say everyone looked to be enjoying themselves, especially you David, but then it was a milestone birthday for you.

It was nice to see Chris Brown reccently, he is ex Pastimes Amusements, Hornsea and now holds the position of Arcade Manager with AMG. Chris was really enthusing about his new position, then again those of us that know Chris know what an enthusiastic and willing person he is. I think the new role for Chris is a good move for him and also for AMG, and I would like to wish him well in his new role.

Sorry that ITM’s Jean Thomas was a missing link at the EAG show, Jean had had some knee surgery at the back end of 2012 and there was no way she could have managed the show for 3 days.  You were missed Jean and I know that your ITM companion Janet really did miss you too.  Without you there it was like having strawberries but no cream to accompany the strawberries, anyway Jean hope you’re well on the way to recovery by now, and we’ll soon see you out and about again very soon, and please don’t forget ‘Ladies that Lunch!!’

Industry stalwarts Anne and Jim Casey were on Carnaby Gaming stand and ‘Our Jim’ had developed yet another new game, this one was PUK-A-LUK, a new concept of a pack of cards plus the joker, using 53 cards on the hand operated wheel allowing normal bets with roulette, and is totally a random game.  Anne and Jim received a great deal of interest in their product and even the Gaming Board and Gambling Commission were keen, and they were going to categorise the game for them asap.  One thing about Anne and Jim, they are a real innovative couple, always inventing some products or other, a nice thing to do this day and age, and I hope the game is a great success for you, as you do really deserve it – you’re a couple that ‘Never say die.’  At the 2013 AMEX show in Dublin Jim and Ann  received the Mark Sinnott Award for the best new machine at the show, and the photo shows Jim being presented with the trophy by Roy Deeming, another one of our industry stalwarts.

NSM’s Alex Kirby was his usual smiling self on their stand and it was hard to believe that he’s actually suffered food poisoning during the course of EAG.  You hid the fact well Alex, and appeared the trouper you always are, and I hope by now that you are back to A1 again.

Staying with NSM this time with Henry Paulinski their Marketing Manager, he very kindly told me that he eagerly awaits my chat column each month and finds it an excellent read.  Well thank you kind sir, your compliments were very welcome an d it makes it all worthwhile when someone appreciates what I do.

I see Cummins Allison’s Robert Clarke has regained the Irish market under his remit, he’s delighted about this as he loves Ireland and the Irish, the only thing he doesn’t  like is if he has to make the journey by ferry, he’s not a good sea traveller, and has a little phobia about this form of travel.  He was recently returning on a ferry to Holyhead when the captain made an announcement that due to adverse weather conditions they couldn’t let passengers off the boat and they would have to stay on board until further notice, poor Robert he was upset to say the least, as the ferry kept rolling from side to side and bobbing up and down.  Eventually they were allowed to land and Robert was now more upset as the journey that should have taken him about 2 and a half hours from Holyhead to home took him nearer 8 and a half hours due to so many road being closed due to flooding en route.  Mind you he says he’s willing to risk it all again to attend the Irish show in March.

Staying with Robert Clarke, Cummins Allison’s Michelle hinted to me that Robert had been trying to beautify himself at EAG, perhaps we shouldn’t ask too many questions and just leave it to imagination what he was up to, mind you it makes the mind boggle as to what he was actually doing, maybe we should look for some kind of results or other!!

I think Barry Knowles of SC Gaming (Barcrest) has a great philosophy to life, he says there should be laughing, loving and living and not whinging, working and worrying, maybe that’s the reason Barry always looks so happy, he takes notice of his own philosophy.

Industry personality Frank Ballouz was actually a representative on a stand at the show, unusual for Frank as he’s normally moseying around the shows, not on a stand.  When I asked him who he was working for, he just kind of looked at me vacantly, and said ‘Me working, oh no you have it wrong, I don’t want to spoil the habit of a lifetime.’

Typical Frank, he’s just one of life’s great loveable characters, and one we’re always happy to see.

Many thanks to Harry Levy’s Mick Kennedy and Colin Mallery and Carnaby Gaming’s Derek lynch for being my benefactors at the show, we’ll say no more boys, but it was much appreciated.

AMS’s Ron and Jill Vinson have diversified from their normal business and have added plastic personalised tokens to their portfolio.  These are offered in a range of colours and can be printed or embossed on both sides of the tokens with any logo.  These are suitable for various uses including school house points, merit schemes, ballots/voting, dinner tokens, rewards tokens and marketing promotions to name but a few.  Well done Ron and Jill, nice to see someone taking initiative to improve their business, and after all nothing ventured nothing gained.

First time exhibitors to EAG were World of Rides father and son due David and Andrew Robinson, and they appeared to have a decent show, but poor Andrew ended up feeling very much out of sorts, he really was suffering from a very bad cold, and this somewhat put pay to his evening enjoyment at the events after the show, never mind Andrew there’s always next year.

Another person in the wars was Michael Black of Sound Leisure, Michael has been suffering with kidney problems for a few months now, and he was all set to go to the show when this dreaded problem started all over again, off what I am told he’s now on the mend and is taking some holiday time to recover.  I missed you Michael, the party was not the same without you, and the dancing certainly wasn’t but at least my feet did belong to me, and not to you!!

I must admit I think shows are a place that if you are not 100% in health you really do pick up illnesses quickly, I missed the last day of the show due to having Pharyngitus and this left me unable to swallow, drink or eat and guess what a lot of you out there would think was the best part of this illness it left me without a voice!!  I was without a voice for over 9 days it was just a squeak when I tried to speak, mind you they do say ‘Silence is Golden.’  Just to inform you all by the way I am now back in top form and have full voice.

On a serious note at EAG I was talking to Karen Edwards of Charlie Edwards Leisure, Swindon, and many of you will know that Karen’s daughter Becky Godden-Edwards was murdered, but the person that murdered her cannot be charged with the crime due to a technicality by the police. Apparently even when the murderer confessed to the crime and took the police to where Becky’s body was buried because they did not caution him properly and read him his rights, he cannot be charged with her murder, and the criminal’s lawyer got Becky’s name dropped in court due to this technicality.

Karen had not had any contact with her daughter for 8 years, she was trying to trace her on the ‘Missing You’ website, but she never gave up hope, until the police knocked on the door the day of Becky’s 29th birthday and broke the devastating news to her that her beloved Becky had been murdered.

I would ask each and everyone of you to try to put yourselves in Karen’s shoes, and think of the heartache she has gone through, apart from the fact of the loss of her beloved daughter, she also knows that this criminal has got away with Becky’s murder and is really laughing at the justice system. Karen is petitioning to get the PACE law (Police and Criminal Evidence Act) that was passed in 1984 to be brought into the 21st century to avoid other technicalities such as she has experienced happening to other families, and this is how you can help her.  100,000 signatures are needed for the petition to go to debate, and each and every signature is vital to Karen and her family so please go ahead and help her by going to and add your name and get any other person/s that you know to sign this petition, after all Karen and her family deserve all the help they can get.




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Thank you Joyce, I appreciate your help, every signature counts, that is one more closer the justice for Becky campaign, I would not wish what we have been through on anyone, the law has to change.In addition to the e-petition I am running a paper petition, if anyone would like a pack please email me and I will post you one.
Kindest regards Karen

Karen Edwards
Charlie Edwards leisure
23/03/2013, 23:32

Thanks for your comment Karen, and I hope that people out there will either sign the e-petition or contact you for the paper petiton, come on everyone out there get your fingers out and give her all the help you can, I’m counting on you.

Joyce Todd
24/03/2013, 12:57

Dear Joyce, you would pleasure my father with sending me the contact information of Jim Casey. I can’t find anything on the net. Jim is an old friend from my father. Thanks up front. Greetings, Mike.

D'Hooghe Mike
13/01/2014, 17:33

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