Get ready for Easter with E-Service – Part 2: Scheduled Maintenance


With only 3 weeks to go before Easter, seasonal arcades around the country are busy upgrading and refurbishing their machines for another season.

Due to the current economic climate, it is imperative that all machines are working, clean, bright and prepared for the challenges ahead!!

As E-Service Sales Manager Nick Holmes wrote in the first article of this series, an extensive range of cleaning products is available for the Easter preparations and beyond. This week, Nick highlights the company’s after-sales offerings on a range of dedicated parts and generic components and spares.

“E-Service, now in its 10th year of trading, offers a wide range of dedicated parts, for both purchase and advance replacement on a number of video based suppliers including Global VR, LAI Games and Pokertek.”, says Nick.

“In terms of AWP and SWP we are the approved service agent for Barcrest, JPM and Games Warehouse, along with diversifying into new markets with support on Shufflemaster equipment.

“Whilst most operators will be familiar with machine P.P.M. and will carry this out on a regular basis it is worthwhile spending a little more time at the beginning of the season to ensure your machines are in ‘tip-top’ condition and have a full bill of health:

Cabinet checks – general damage and points that can be easily attacked need to be assessed, Ambersil cleaning fluid, label remover and black satin spray paint can improve the aesthetics of the equipment

Lights and Switches – check all lamps with the system lamp test, replace any blown wedge lamps or even consider fitting low power consumption, long lasting LED replacements. Clean any switch contacts with Ambersil switch cleaner

Screen – is it clear and displaying correctly? You can clean the screen using a glass cleaner but for damages, distorted or blurred images, a screen can be replaced with a TFT flat screen upgrade kit for a new lease of life.

Coin mechanisms, hoppers, note validators, change machines – check operation with all coins and notes. Ensure mechanisms are upgraded to accept the new 5p and 10p coins. Consider using an air duster spray to remove any obvious dust from the mechanism.

Locks and Security – ensure equipment is secure and locks are functioning correctly. Replace where necessary

“For urgent requirements, you can pick up the ‘phone and order an advance replacement part. 98% of orders are shipped the same day. Or, you can arrange free-of-charge collection and delivery by one of our nationwide team of local drivers.”

To find out more, call 0844 669 2679 or visit .

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