Get ready for Easter with E-Service – Part 1: Spring Cleaning


With just over five weeks before Easter and the start of the holiday season, it’s time to plan those seasonal maintenance tasks to make sure your premises are clean, tidy, well lit and well presented for customers and your machines are in good working order to generate maximum cashbox revenue.

In this first of a series of articles covering maintenance tasks in general, Nick Holmes of E-Service describes the range of specialist cleaning products which are available to get your premises up to showroom condition and to dramatically improve the appearance of machines.

“We have tested a wide range of cleaning fluids for many types of situation and the operator can save considerable time and cost by choosing the right product.” says Nick.

For general cleaning throughout an arcade, we recommend Ambersil cleaning fluid, which is available in 5 litre bottles, has a powerful cleaning and degreasing action to cut through all kinds of dirt and is highly compatible with a wide range of materials.

For stubborn blemishes on hard surfaces of pool tables and amusement machines, a foaming cleaner will quickly and easily break down grease and dirt.

In less accessible areas, on electronic components, plastics and textiles, dirt patches can be removed with an evaporating solvent such as Ambersil FE10.

To tidy up the appearance of machines, we supply a glass cleaner to quickly clear fingerprints from screens and an air duster spray, which provides a powerful blast to easily remove dust from crevices. You can also remove unsightly stickers with a solvent based label remover, repair scratched and damaged surfaces with satin-black spray paint, and tidy up pool table surfaces with Kwik-Tac pool cloth adhesive.

To finish the job, mould resistant fluid can be applied in areas which are subject to damp, and silicone spray can be used for instant shine and lasting protection on vinyl, plastic, glass and other surfaces, to keep your venue looking clean for longer.

All these products have been specially selected for amusement arcades and bingo halls, are competitively priced and can be ordered online from the E-Service website at, or over the ‘phone on 0844 669 2679. There is no minimum quantity and all cleaning products can be delivered free of charge via the company’s team of local drivers, who make weekly deliveries throughout the UK.

To find out more about E-Service, call 0844 669 2679 or visit

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