Joyce’s column: waxing lyrical!


Well here we are this month back to a normal chat column, I must admit I have enjoyed writing my past 3 columns on Alan Black, he  is a joy to write about.

First of all I would like to let you all read a copy of ‘Ode To Joyce’ that some kind person who reads my column sent to me.

 Ode To Joyce

Good gracious, look out

That blonde’s about

With note pad and pen in hand

You know that what you’ve said

Will definitely be read

In Coin-op Community’s chat column

throughout the land.


As everyone knows

That shy demure pose!

Is a mere ploy to get you to chatter

And with true Lancashire grit

All will be writ and soon be an editorial matter


There’s one thing for sure

All’s written with honour and humour

The camera goes click

There’s that all revealing ‘pic’

Revealing nature’s amusing bloomers


No matter your name

The respect is the same

And status is not a criteria

There’s no one who’s better

Amongst those Coin-Op Community jet setters

Who makes chat read to the letter


Her column is great

It gives us a chance to take a break

With a cuppa and biscuit in hand

And find out what’s going on in this land


Long may she reign – ‘The Queen of Chat’


I was quite flattered to receive this and to know that this person has put the boot on the other foot and taken time to write about me, not often someone does, but thanks anyway.

If you remember in one of my columns near the end of 2012 I mentioned that Coin-Op Community’s Steph Norbury was holding an exhibition of paintings done by her own fair hand, and according to what she tells me it was a resounding success and all her paintings were sold.  Good for you Steph, so I suppose now you will be donning the artist’s smock, have the easel positioned correctly and paintbrush in hand working hard on your next wonderful creations.  Well done anyway, you should feel very proud of yourself, and who knows we could even see your paintings in the Tate one day!!

I am led to understand that Harry Levy’s Mick Kennedy has taken up cycling and is often seen on Weymouth’s promenade early morning’s, good for you Mick, now whether this is a health kick or not, it certainly won’t do you any harm, and maybe more of us should follow your example. One thing I would ask you though Mick is that you don’t start packing your bike and taking it to shows for riding after the shows have finished, this would just shatter our image of you, we are more used to you in the bar at the end of shows, holding court and enjoying a pint.

The One Oldham Business Awards 2013 have been launched and this event has achieved such success since it’s inauguration some 4 years ago, that it is now an important and imperative event in Oldham’s showcase calendar.  So much so is the success of this event that other areas including Stockport, Macclesfield, Rochdale and Tameside have their own events based on Oldham’s model.  At a recent lunch the 2012 sponsors were thanked, and of course one of the main sponsors of this event is Innovative Technology, and Aidan Towey was at the lunch to receive a unique gift, a bottle of cuvee brut champagne with it’s own label of ‘The One Oldham Business Awards’ and ‘Chateauneuf du Oldham’ and each label exclusive to each individual sponsor of the awards.  I wonder if they are going to save it and display this with their other awards they have won, or they may even decide to crack it open, just remember I am quite partial to a drop of champagne, and could even be persuaded to take a glass as a change to my cup of tea!!

Staying with Innovative Technology, I believe that congratulations were the order of the day for David Bellis, he recently celebrated his 75th birthday and off what I am told they did some sort presentation to him at ICE, and hope to have some details and photos for the next column.  Hope you enjoyed it David and also thanks for my invite to the get together and presentation, only sorry I could not attend, but I’m sure when I visit you we will celebrate.

A friend of mine who has just returned from a trip to Germany has made me feel quite envious, as they visited the Museum of Gauselmann whilst they were there, this is a museum of historical coin-operated machines, and from what I can gather it’s excellent.  Housing over some 200 vending, service, amusement machines, music machines, games of skill and cash dispensers it appears to be somewhat of an Aladdin’s cave.  On my next trip to Germany if I am in the area of the Museum of Gauselmann, I shall make it my business to pay it a visit, maybe some of you out there have already been and I would appreciate your comments on this if you have.  I always think it is nice to find some history on the amusement industry and it’s products.

Well once again EAG came and went, it seems to come around quicker each year, but it’s still enjoyable just the same.  There appeared to be a few regular faces missing this year, maybe this was due to the ICE show following 2 weeks later than EAG plus the dreadful weather conditions, I suppose visitors had to make their minds up which to visit, if they couldn’t manage both of them.  Maybe next year it might be easier if both shows were running at the same time and both at Excel but this appears to be somewhat doubtful at the moment. Whatever, I’m sure the visitors that did attend EAG appreciated the show organiser’s efforts and the vast array of quality equipment offered by the exhibitors, and here are a few tit bits from EAG and more will follow next month.

Nice to see Robert Higgins back in the fold and with Astra Games, Robert was missing from the industry for a while, but now he’s back in his rightful place where he belongs.  Good luck Robert, and just keep your bright smile it always cheers me up.

Harry Levy’s Colin Mallery and his wife Pauline were celebrating a milestone in their lives, their Golden Wedding Anniversary (50 years).  Congratulations and best wishes to you both, and here’s to the Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

Staying with Colin, he adores his granddaughter Evie, and I think she adores her grandfather too.  Evie is certainly a young lady that knows what she wants and is quite good at twisting grandfather Colin’s arm to get it.  Very fond of playing the violin and riding horses, she now wants to play her violin whilst riding a horse.  I just hope the horse appreciates the violin, and if this does occur I would like to have a photo to put in the column of Evie, violin and horse.

Another couple that are extremely proud of their granddaughter Millie are Tina and Ian Eason of Instance Automatics so much so they have named one of their kiddie rides after her, Millie’s Magical Carousel.  This really is an attractive and cute carousel and so is Mille but she’s even cuter, as you can see from the photos, both look good, but who could resist the real Millie, I know I couldn’t.  You are very lucky Tina and Ian to have such a delightful granddaughter, and I’m sure you spoil her, then again that’s what grandparents are for, just enjoy her baby days whilst you can, they grow up all too quickly, mind you they demand even more then!!




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