Mouth-Watering Addition to EAG International Expo


Regular visitors to EAG International will discover a tasty new exhibitor when the 2013 show opens its doors at ExCel London on January 22-24th.

Maple Moose was launched in 2008 and is a distinctive brand which proudly delivers both a fun and visually striking solution to the growing market for branded crepes, along with waffles, beverages and scoop and whipped ice cream.

Managing Director Hans Parker explains: “With 17 outlets in Ireland and the UK,  Maple Moose is already a successful franchise operation, trading as stand-alone shops, stores within stores and food courts plus even as a mobile operation. We believe our concept is the small-space solution for amusement and attraction operators looking to offer their customers something different from the usual run of the mill fast food.”

“In France, where crepes are the most popular fast food, there are more than 14,000 outlets and the product’s appeal crosses the generations. So far the response from the UK to this centuries old food tradition has been excellent,” revealed Hans.

Maple Moose crepes are made using a secret French recipe. Outlets are supplied with a fool-proof instant mix to ensure consistency and quality throughout the brand. In addition to sweet and savoury crepes, Maple Moose offers the award-winning Maud’s ice cream in addition to a range of premium branded beverages, complete with all the appropriate dispensing equipment and disposables.

Debuting at EAG International will be the company’s new Popcakes machine, already supplied to Hong Kong Disneyland. With a footprint similar to the average microwave, the machine rapidly produces stacks of ten mini American Pancakes, only one and a half inches across. Samples will be available for show visitors.

Maple Moose’s decision to exhibit at EAG is further evidence of the expo’s broadening appeal to the wider leisure community. “We’ve never exhibited at any exhibition before but have taken the decision to show at EAG International because we believe that Maple Moose will be of genuine interest to many of the visitors,” predicted Hans confidently.

“I’ll be attending with my partners Peter Carr and John Pell and we’ll be delighted to discuss franchising and siting opportunities as well as demonstrating the equipment and products that deliver the Maple Moose experience,” he added.

Keen for visitors to stop by and sample the crepes, Hans also revealed: “they recently beat Delia’s recipe in a blind tasting!”

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