“Out With the Old, In With the New” – 10 Reasons to Change to Flat Screens


If you are considering replacing Cathode Ray Tubes which are still in operation but are looking a little sad, now might be the right time to install a TFT upgrade kit. Paul Scott, Sales Executive for E-Service, the service, sales and support company, explains why:

“Operators tell us they change to flat screen TFT monitors to give gaming machines a new lease of life, improving appearance, attracting new customers and resulting in better cash box returns. When reviewing costs and benefits of making the change, here are some other advantages to bear in mind:

  1. Lower power consumption: On average, a TFT screen consumes 50-70% less energy than a CRT monitor
  2. No geometric distortion (due to the flat, rectangular screen)
  3. Razor sharp image with no bleeding or smearing
  4. The TFT monitor is a neat rectangle in shape, which looks more attractive than a curved-sided CRT monitor
  5. A TFT monitor occupies less space than a CRT monitor
  6. Flat screens are lighter than CRT monitors
  7. Larger sizes are relatively inexpensive compared with CRT monitors
  8. No screen ‘burn in’: ghostly images can be left behind on a CRT monitor
  9. Usually no refresh flicker rate (CRTs can produce noticeable flicker at low refresh rates)
  10. TFT monitors are more easy on the eyes of the viewer than CRT monitors, which emit higher levels of electromagnetic radiation (formed when the electron beam hits the back of the screen)

A whole range of reasons, therefore, why a TFT screen is better than a cathode ray tube – not only will the investment pay back in reduced energy bills, but the user experience is also much improved by the latest technology, which is more reliable and presents a quality image, updating the cabinet for a better user experience – leading to higher cashbox returns.

TFT monitors are also less expensive to run and maintain than rear projectors, for which a replacement bulb can cost up to £200!

Over the past 3 years, sales of our 26” and 42” TFT monitor retrofit kits have been a real success for us. Both of these kits are available at highly competitive prices from stock, and can be delivered free of charge via the nationwide van run service.”

For more details please contact the sales team on 0844 669 2679 or alternatively visit www.e-service.co.uk

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