One of the loveliest people in coin-op


When I took over at Euroslot magazine over six years ago, I inherited a number of great contributors from around the world. One of these was John Coates who supplied a pool and cue sports column. Despite being in his 80s he always filed his copy on time, unless there was a problem with his heath, which he would dismiss with his customary wit and good humour.

Towards the end of my time at the magazine, John dropped off the radar and I feared his health had taken a turn for the worse. So I plucked up the courage to call his home number the other day and was thrilled when he answered, sounding very frail but definitely still the old John. He will be 86 next month and apologised that he wasn’t up to writing his column any more. When I said I was only checking on his health, he was very touched and said his wife June was being an excellent nurse and would have made “an even better matron!”

I am sure that all the people who have worked with John over the years will be greatly relieved to hear that he is doing OK and will join me in wishing him a lovely 86th birthday next month.

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It’s great to hear that John is going well and sounds like he has retained his humour – looking forward to hearing more industry and snippets/news – good luck with the new website

Bill Knowles
19/11/2010, 20:50

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