Praesepe trials Elliot Hall’s innovative payment systems


Leading UK leisure operator Elliot Hall has launched an innovative customer management and payment system, which is being trialled in Praesepe bingo halls and AGCs.

My-Interactive-Life (myi-life) is a suite of products, with a wide array of uses including three new payment systems, two of which are unique and patented. The third is an innovative mobile payment application, called myi-code, initially designed for food and beverages, but which has scope to be used for many other products, including gaming and amusements.

All myi-life systems feature the self-contained myi-message that allows users to communicate and exchange goods and services.

The iDon’tQ app allows customers to make orders and pay in advance of their visit to a venue using their mobile phone and a secure pin, so that they don’t have to wait upon arrival. It has already been launched successfully in a number of cafes and pubs.

Nick Harding, Chairman of Praesepe was quick to see the potential of the myi-life platform in allowing customers speedier access to products and services through their mobile devices.

“We are interested in the iDon’tQ product and are preparing to launch it in our two largest Bingo Clubs (Cricklewood and Northampton). We feel that it will certainly speed up service in our Bars and Catering outlets and allow players more time to play on ancillary games during the intervals,” he says. “We are also keen to experiment with the myi-code which is unique and has numerous gaming applications such as allowing players to buy bingo books quickly, allowing players to credit some types of electronic equipment, and so on.”

“As far as the High Street Venues are concerned (Bingo, AGC and FEC) we see a number of different applications for the myi-code, focused on easy payment methods for participation in a number of different bingo and slot products. We feel that it is a very exciting opportunity and intend to work with the company to develop it further for our sector,” adds Harding.

The myi-code allows consumers to purchase or access information in the same way as a QR code, however this is where the similarity between the two services ends.

“A QR code is very slow and the user has to be in line and must allow the phone to focus perfectly,” says Elliot Hall. “At the end of the process it just takes you to a website. A myi-code is revolutionary, it can be raining, dark and moving and even if the user see it from within a 180 degree angle and its partially obstructed it still takes the user to a one-click payment/information gateway instantaneously. It can be used to purchase anything digital or physical and this makes it perfect for the leisure industry.”

Elliot Hall is known to many in the leisure industry as a leading attractions operator. He is a major shareholder in the 165-meter Singapore Flyer and The Hall Organisation. The Hall Organisation was formed in February 2011 with the aim of creating, developing and promoting businesses utilising the skills of a team with an extensive global experience in a wide range of business sectors.






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