Joyce’s column: small and big boys!


Let me start off with the sad chat first then the remainder of the chat can only get better!!

Sorry to hear that industry stalwart Eddie Moss formerly Tic Tac Toe has been in hospital recently for some surgery, hope by now Eddie you are on the mend and just remember even at your age you still have a lot of living to do, and hopefully you will have many years left to do it in.  I remember many years ago when I was at World’s Fair/Coin Slot, Eddie used to come to Oldham and take me to lunch, it used to be a real treat as not only did I get an extended lunch break but I also enjoyed Eddie’s excellent company and his funny stories.  Get well soon Eddie, and who knows we might even get another lunch together yet!!

Norman Kerr of Buncrana, Ireland is also one that is on the sick list, Norman was Bertie Cartmill’s son-in-law, and Norman is now suffering with a serious illness.

Hope you improve Norman and keep fighting and keep your chin up, and just remember back to the Montrose days, and do you know what they only seem like yesterday.  Maybe when you are on the mend we can have a reunion at the Montrose and get some of the gang that used to be there along too, something for you to think about Norman.

Most of us industry stalwarts will remember John Hutchinson who was employed at  Thomas Automatics for many years and he attended all the major shows on their behalf.  John retired and he lives at Burton-on-Trent, and it saddens me report that poor John has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. According to another old Thomas Automatics employee John Martin who has met up with John Hutchinson – ‘Hutch’ as he was fondly known to us is quite upbeat about this and taking it in his stride, and he’s been told from a specialist in Harley Street, London that all is not lost, and with some treatment he should go on having a great life for many years, here’s wishing you all the best John, and I’m sure a lot of your old friends and colleagues wish you the same.

Now for some more healthier chat.

Staying with ex employees of Thomas Automatics, Mark Edmunson’s son Alex who is 4 recently started his first day at ‘Big Boy School’ as he refers to it, and on the day he was due to start he was up at 6am and wanting to get to school, he wanted his mum Sarah to help him with his new uniform, and he was excited.  Sarah of course declined the donning of the new uniform until after Alex had eaten breakfast, then he was allowed to wear it, and we have a photo of Alex in his uniform complete with his bag, which really is nearly as big as him, but he does look cute. According to Mark Alex really enjoyed his first day at his new school and couldn’t wait for the following day to come so he could go back again, let’s hope Alex still feels the same in 14/15 years time. Mark says he was just the opposite when he started school he couldn’t wait to get away from it, good job Alex doesn’t take after you then Mark, he’s obviously more like Sarah.

Just like to wish Mark early birthday wishes for his 50th in November, hope you have a great day, and to be honest Mark you are looking good for 50, hope you are feeling good too.

Another young chap that started school for the first term this year was Joseph the son of Coin-Op Community’s, Steph Norbury, and according to Steph she had a hectic week, but an enjoyable one, and Joseph has settled into school very well.  Mind you I would think that Joseph takes after his mum and accepts things as they come, and I’ll bet you were a good girl at school Steph so there should be no problem with Joseph. (Here is a pic of Joseph not looking quite as angelic as Alex! – Steph)


Staying with Steph who for many years has been a budding artist, well this has now paid off as she’s holding an exhibition of her paintings in Chiswick in November and hosting a small party afterwards.  I hope it all goes well for you Steph, and that you manage to sell some paintings, and sorry that I can’t accept the invitation to the event, due to me being out of the country yet again!!

Congratulations and best wishes to Pat Connolly late of Dransfield’s of Leeds, Pat has retired after many years with Dransfield’s and many more in the industry having had his own operation before he joined Dransfield’s.  Off what I can gather Pat is looking forward to spending a lot more time in Portugal he calls this his second home, and of course he can meet up with another ex employee of Dransfield’s there Dave Bowkett and his wife Linda who emigrated to Portugal many, many years ago and love it.

I’m quite envious Pat of all the sun you will be soaking up, but whatever just enjoy it and your retirement Pat, you deserve it.  I understand that you have another happy event to celebrate, your son Patrick and his young lady are to tie the knot shortly, and this is to take place in Portugal too. It seems that Portugal has a lot to answer for!!

Congratulations to Scott Hession son of Doug and Doreen Hession of Sound Sense Electronics, Scott and his fiancé Carolyn recently tied the knot, many of us in the trade will remember Scott as he worked alongside his mum and dad at Sound Sense Electronics for quite a while. Doug was not happy with his hire suit for the wedding even after it had been altered he said he felt like ‘Quasimodo’ and it was enough to turn him to ‘Bells’ would that be the ringing of Bells, or the call of Bells scotch whisky, I wonder!! Scott and Carolyn went off to Tenerife for their honeymoon and have now returned to a life of ‘wedded bliss’

and Doug and Doreen have returned to their life of ‘working bliss’ at Sound Sense Electronics clearing all the repairs now arriving at their company from far away countries such as Hong Kong and Australia, my how your fame has spread Doug.  Mind you who knows one day you might even receive a call from one of these far away countries wanting you to do repairs on site and pay for you to go.  Now that would be great and also well deserved on your part, but don’t forget our Doreen she is your right hand after all.

Staying with Doug he sent me a photo that I took of him many years ago at the now defunct (more’s the pity) Scottish Preview in Glasgow, I am quite flattered Doug that you have the photo, maybe my photography skills are not as bad as I thought!!

Alan Meats who retired a couple of months ago from Sound Leisure, has exchanged one working life for another.  Alan and his wife Susan have decided to take care of their 3 grandchildren on a part time basis to enable the children’s parents Christopher and Angela to continue working.  Eleanor Louise is the youngest of the children and she was born in August 2012 and weighed in at 8lbs 4ozs, Grace is 2 years old and Nathan is 6 years old so he will be at school for most of the day.  Alan reckons that between child minding, gardening when weather permits, decorating and hopefully time for the occasional holiday, he will have enough to keep him busy for a long time to come, in fact it will not be like retirement at all, it will be like having a job but with the perks of being able to please himself, well to a certain extent anyway Alan, just remember children are like bosses they can be very demanding, but I’m sure you and Susan will cope admirably.  I would be ok on the gardening, decorating and holiday fronts, but the child minding, well I’m glad it’s you Alan and not me.

Well during the last month or so I have managed to get a trip in to Lake Maggiore and Milan, Italy in and then a week to Majorca, and as far as I know that is it for a while, but who knows, if the chance comes along I will be up and off somewhere else, I don’t like my feet to be on the same ground for too long.

Stop Press:  Peter Rubin of PR Publicity has recently been involved in a car accident, luckily he wasn’t hurt too badly, just bruises and aches and pains, plus of course the shock, and the damage to the car.  Apparently Peter was at a road junction waiting to get out when a young girl rammed into the back of him with such force, and then to top it all she got out of her car and started  to yell and scream at Peter saying it was his fault.  Anyway when she had calmed down he managed to get her details from her and his car is now off the road awaiting repair via the girl’s insurers.  Poor Peter, he’s always in the wars, anyway one good thing is Peter that you weren’t seriously hurt.

And finally: rumour has it that Instance Automatics Steve Perkins has gone on diet and according to my source of info Steve has lost quite a lot of weight, his diet is the successful Huttoft diet and exercise regime. The diet includes drinking 10 pints of beer each night, this has been the toughest part of the diet for him, dropping his normal intake of  beer by 50%.

Can’t wait for EAG to see the new slimline Perky, who knows he might even appear on the stand in his gym shorts, now there’s a thought!!!

All the best – Joyce

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joyce,dont know where you got the info but am glad my wife does not read this as i am on a diet and she would not be amused lol steve p

steve perkins
25/10/2012, 12:34


Maybe you should look a little nearer home as to where I got the info from!! anyway best of luck with the diet, hope it goes well.


Joyce Todd
25/10/2012, 21:46

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