Microcoin SP – multiple credit options for amusements


Astrosystems Ltd has created a valuable feature to the Microcoin SP coin acceptor known as SP Bonus.

The SP Bonus feature allows the operator to set up to 6 different bonus prices within the one coin acceptor, which is ideal for applications with multiple credit requirements such as Cranes and Kiddie Rides.  Combined with the unique reject mechanism that clears virtually all coin and foreign object jams, the SP provides a compelling solution to the rigours of the amusement industry.

Leo Bateman, Sales Executive at Astrosystems Ltd commented, “SP Bonus is a powerful multiple credit function that has been developed to meet the requirements of our customers.  It is extremely simple to configure and compliments the flexible nature of the Microcoin SP coin acceptor.  The SP Bonus feature can also be used in conjunction with the SP’s onboard timer providing a bespoke solution to selling time via a bonus scheme”.

For further details on SP Bonus or any of the Microcoin range of Coin Acceptors, please email sales@astrosystems.co.uk or visit our website www.microcoin.com.

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