My claim to fame!


I have just posted a story about Bobby Davro opening a new adult gaming centre in Gloucester and it brought back memories of a time when I met Mr. Davro over breakfast at a guesthouse in Oldham. I am sure you are all wondering at what a glamorous life I must lead! And it is true. While other people can boast of meeting the creme de la creme of the entertainment business – I have never been so fortunate. Somewhere I still possess the signatures of Cannon and Ball, I picked up in a garden centre in Liverpool as a child.

Anyhow, Mr. Davro couldn’t have been more charming when I met him at breakfast at Mallons in Oldham. We quite hit it off over our full english and coffee and we ended up leaving at about the same time. Me to catch my lift into the InterGame offices from Andrew, a colleague and him to rehearsals at a local theatre for panto. As Bobby wished me well with a kiss on the cheek, I can only imagine what my colleague must have thought had been going on!

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