Joyce’s Column: Celebrations all round


It was a pleasure to meet Adam Horwood  the son of  UDC’s Mark Horwood  and grandson of Derek Horwood at the Open Day in June, what a charming person he is so polite and well mannered.  Adam told me he’d just finished studying at Leeds University and how much he’d enjoyed it in the ‘north’ I am very pleased you did, and I’m sure the ‘north’ enjoyed you too Adam.

Derek Horwood and I were reminiscing and it was amazing what we both knew and remembered and chatted about industry characters and companies that used to be part of our industry and that are no longer around.  One thing that Derek told me was that in younger days he used to sit behind Jimmy Thomas at school.  I’ll bet their teacher had their work cut out with these two in the same class, but whatever they have both turned out to be successful and well respected businessmen.

Whilst in UDC, I was fascinated with 2 kiddie rides namely Beach Buggy and Crazy Wheels, these were two of the most attractive kiddie rides I had seen in a long time, so much so I even had my photo taken with them.  Derek also informed me that two of these kiddie rides hold pride of place at the entrance to Brighton Pier, again we have a photo to show this.

Thanks to Ray Hazelton of Hazel Electronics and Peter Rubin of PR Publicity for their comments on me smelling nice.  I must confess that perfume is a real weakness of mine and I do spend a great deal of money buying it or getting other people to buy it for me, and I like to get a perfume that not everyone is wearing. The one I was wearing at the Open Day was Essence by Narcisso Rodriguez, so maybe if you want to make any ladies happy you could always buy them a bottle of this perfume, but be warned it will cost you.

I would also like to thank Steph of Coin-Op Community for such an enjoyable evening following the Open Day, we had a great time in a restaurant named Annie’s in Chiswick near to the river.  It was a lovely comfortable and homely restaurant with many old pieces of furniture and gadgets, and some of them reminded me of my late dear mother named Annie.  It was just as if she was with us, and I know one thing for sure if she had have been, Steph, she too would have enjoyed the evening in her namesake restaurant.

Chatting with Andrew Murden at the Open Day he informed me that he’s no longer a bachelor as he recently celebrated his wedding to his lovely young lady Gemma (nee McCloughlan) and they tied the knot at an 11th century saxon manor house in Nottingham namely Risley Hall which is set in 10 acres of private grounds.  They toured Italy for their honeymoon visiting Venice, Sicily where they stayed in a lovely new property courtesy of Nick Harding, from here they took the ferry to Naples and the Amalfi Coast then onto Pompeii, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Verona, Lake Garda and back to Venice covering 3000kms in total.

the lovely bride and groom

Andrew said that him and Gemma only had 2 slight disagreements on this long journey and which when you consider the way the Italians drive it is enough to make anyone on edge, mind you he did say that their driving improved the further northwards you went in Italy.  The first car the hire company wanted Andrew to take had more bumps in it than it had car, and when he refused to accept this, the hire company was at a loss as to why he was refusing this car. They did find him another car which only had a couple of bumps in it but he did at least feel that this was more roadworthy for their journey, as after all he had a very important and treasured passenger with him his new wife Gemma and he wanted them to enjoy the trip together without the possibility of any visits to hospitals in the.  All in all they enjoyed their honeymoon and have now settled into their new married life back in the UK.

Congratulations to you both and may you have a long and happy marriage together.  We have a few photos of their great day 2 with industry personalities namely Dave Orton and his wife Dianne and Nik Novak and his wife Elaine, and most important of all 1 of the happy couple together.

Dave Orton and his wife Dianne with the happy couple

Nik Novak and his wife Elaine help to celebrate

I was in Spain the evening they won Euro 2012 and what great celebrations there were, before they won you could feel the quietness in the streets and the tension in the bars with big screen television’s as many people were in them awaiting the match, but how this all changed after the result.

Talk about coming alive the atmosphere was electric and it was just like a huge carnival!  Most of the restaurants and bars were giving free drinks and food away, there was music and in the area I was in they even had a replica of the cup in the town/village square, and had locals in the Spanish football strip playing the roles of the real Spanish football team and going up to receive the replica cup from the town/village mayor.

The celebrations continued into the early hours of the morning and the following day with parades through the town/village with the replica of the cup and again the restaurants and bars were giving out free drinks and food.  It really was great to be there and join in the celebrations, these were quite different to the celebrations that took place in Italy the day they won the World Cup in 1986.

I was in Italy at the time this took place and all they did was shout and cheer and have a small parade with a cart pulled by an ox through a couple of streets, and free food and drinks were never even thought of.  For the whole 2 weeks of the holiday they kept showing a re-run of the winning game which got somewhat boring, and compared to Spain the Italian celebrations were mundane.  So I think I will stick to Spain for celebrations when it comes to winning events, mind you I must say that when we win in Britain we also know how to party, as the 2012 Olympics have proved, and we certainly have had a lot to celebrate, the Team GB made me very proud to be British. Let’s hope the next big football event brings us success too and if it has to go to penalties that we have players who can get the ball into the back of the net and score a goal!


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