Cornish Market World lifted to another level


A new high ropes course from Innovative Leisure which opened recently at Cornish Market World (CMW) in St. Austell, Cornwall, is proving a hugely popular addition to the venue.

The seven pole, double level, Sky Trail Navigator high ropes course, one of several similar attractions installed around the UK and Europe by Innovative Leisure, has added a totally different dimension to the Kidzworld indoor play centre at CMW.

Chris Webster, Associate Director at attractions industry consultants Vision XS Ltd., who worked with CMW on the attraction, describes the experience provided.

“It’s an exciting and challenging physical activity for all members of the family from five and up.  The degree of ‘exposure’ at 10m height is considerable and varying types of obstacles at height present different levels of difficulty, so there is choice at every stage. The really great thing is that parents can participate and act as coach-come-cheerleader to their younger family members, whilst older children, I would guess from observation 7 or 8 years of age upwards, can coach their parents to progress in their own time both in terms of the progression of height and difficulty. It’s a great development tool and an exciting, memorable experience for all the family to share. It is also great for spectators.”

So why did CMW choose the high ropes course as opposed to something else?

“For the above reasons and because it is right on brand, fun and action for all the family,” comments Webster. “It has wonderful capacity for the cost and delivers real value both in terms of pre-visit perception and then actual value from the experience itself.”

The target audience at CMW is 5-6 year olds and upwards through to “adventurous grandparents” and visitors are typically on the course for between 12 and 15 minutes. Up to 30 participants at a time can use the course.

Webster adds: “It has undoubtedly added to the content of the facility and increased the dwell time. It is also an experience which is highly repeatable.”

Visitor reaction has also been good with the attraction being extremely well received by both locals  and tourists alike.

“They perceive Sky Trail as a ‘big ticket item’ in the context of the overall site and are very pleased indeed that it is included in the admission price which was raised well above inflation this year off the back of Sky Trail,” explains Webster.

And has it had the desired effect from an operator’s point of view?

“It has done exactly what we hoped it would. It has provided a marketing and PR platform for this year’s communication, has underpinned a price rise, has provided more content for adults and is helping us to shift the brand and product from kids indoor play to small family attraction.

“It is the lead (marketing) message we are taking to market this year and is helping us develop a parties/private events out of hours business as a second front to the attraction. It is also the only such installation in Cornwall and is a great point of differentiation from competitors,” Webster concludes.

Situated in an outdoor area, the attraction is suitable for both children and adults, with a minimum height restriction of 1m for youngsters accompanied by adults or 1.2m if unaccompanied. With a maximum structure height of 10m, foot height on the first level is 4m and on the second level 8m. Access up to and down from the first level of the course is via two inclined stairways, while an additional two stairways also lead from the first to the second level.


The various elements which make up the course provide an exciting, challenging, ‘dangerous yet safe’ experience carried out in perfect safety with patrons in full harnesses which are attached to the unique Sky Trail continuous belay system throughout the course. A series of testing elements suitable for all skill levels make up the course and, unlike on some other high ropes courses, participants are able to pass slower users at intermediate platforms using a unique node connection system, thus helping to ensure excellent throughput and a more enjoyable experience.


As with other high ropes courses supplied by Innovative Leisure, the first level of the Kidzworld attraction provides a relatively easy experience, while the second level is more challenging. Experience shows that around 70 per cent of visitors will try the first level the first time round and progress up to the second level, a factor that allows participants to build their confidence, where required, before moving up to the more challenging, higher section.


The Sky Trail Navigator is one of a range of major high ropes courses offered by Innovative Leisure, which distributes the attractions in the UK on behalf of US manufacturer Ropes Courses, Inc., who have completed over 600 courses in the US. Hourly capacities of up to 500 people and one, two, three or four levels are possible, while the many different elements incorporated into the attractions are interchangeable. This means that the courses can be altered at regular intervals to refresh, update or further develop where required. Full theming options are also available, such as pirate, jungle and construction themes.

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