NV200 receives European Central Bank Approval


The NV200 high volume, high security bank note validator from Innovative Technology has received European Central Bank (ECB) approval for its ability to recognise genuine and counterfeit Euro banknotes.

Testing took place at De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam in May where the NV200 gained 100% for its ability to recognise genuine Euro bank notes and reject counterfeit Euro banknotes.

Senior Business Development Manager, Paul Curley said, “These ECB test results independently acknowledge the reliability of the NV200, which is vital when the unit can have up to 1000 notes in the cashbox.”  


The NV200 bank note validator has two cashbox options 500 or 1000 notes. It accepts, validates and stores multiple denomination bank notes in less than 3 seconds. The NV200 validator works with any NV200 currency dataset created by Innovative Technology (ITL) and datasets can be downloaded free from the Technical Support section of the ITL website. The NV200 validator is suitable for Gaming, Amusement, Vending, Retail & Kiosk applications – where ever there is a need for a high volume, high security note validation.  The test results, published by the ECB, assist banknote users in selecting appropriate  counterfeit detection equipment and can be found on-line at


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