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AstroSystems Ltd is renowned for supplying simple and easy to use note and coin validation equipment.  One of the most popular products from the Global Bill Acceptor (GBA) range is the GBA ST2, offering an uncomplicated solution to those requiring bank note validation.

The GBA ST2 has a modular design and requires no tools to access any of the main serviceable parts.  Benefiting from a USB connector, the ST2 can download new note sets and firmware from a standard USB device, and additionally it can connect directly to a host machine via serial based communications.  Coupled with this, the ST2 can update software and firmware remotely over ccTalk and RS232 based interfaces, significantly reducing cost of ownership.

Leo Bateman, Sales Executive, commented, “The ST2 has been designed to reduce downtime of a host machine to the minimum.  With its additional features, including barcode reading and remote updates, it provides a flexible, low cost solution to a number of amusement based applications.  Profiting from the obvious benefits the product provides, operators and manufacturers alike are increasingly taking the opportunity to retro-fit their existing products with the GBA ST2.

For more information on the GBA ST2 or the GBA range of bank note validators, please visit ,, or email

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