Reprogramme Coin Acceptors Remotely


AstroSystems Ltd are pleased to announce the introduction of a remote programming feature on the Microcoin SP coin acceptor.
Steve Priest, Sales Manager at AstroSystems Ltd explains, “Through the use of specific ccTalk commands it is possible to re-program both coin sets and firmware to the SP coin acceptor, without the need for any bespoke software tool.  This allows operators to alter the coinage accepted by the Microcoin SP on the fly, and even allows you to change the SP from one currency to another”.
To take this feature further, AstroSystems have additionally included the option to allow this re-programming function to be accessible remotely, where a Microcoin SP coin acceptor can be directed to a website URL to download the latest available coin set or firmware.
Steve continues, “The possibilities for the remote download function are widespread; an operator can update their entire fieldbase by posting the latest coin set or firmware onto a pre-allocated web or server address.  Networked host machines can then point the Microcoin SP to this address during a quiet period of operation, which ensures the SP coin acceptor remains up to date at all times”.
To assist customers in implementing this new feature, AstroSystems Ltd have created a Software Development Kit which can be purchased and used with any Windows based application.  The same Development Kit can be used in conjunction with the latest range of Global Bill Acceptor (GBA) units to carry out the download of note sets and firmware.
For further information on the feature, process or Development Kit, please contact, or visit

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