Who are these pinball wizards?




Caption required for this old picture. Who are they and when was this taken? Click on image to see it in full. 

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The picture is of course Bob Deith at Lonbdon Coin in 1971-72. He is standing in front of a line of Spanish maid pinball games, the pinball on the imediate left behind Bob is a smaller version of a regular sized pinball game.

I bought a bunch of these of off Bob when he was closing them out, at that time I was wheeling and dealing, buying and selling machines akll of Europe from my base in Dublin, Ireland.

As you all know, like myself our Bob is much greyer on top now.

Bob Dieth in my opinion is one of the greatest wheeler dealers ever to be in the Industry.

When Bill Ruffler came back into duistributing after selling out to Phonographic 5 years earlier, he linked up with Bob to form Ruffler & Deith Ltd thart companny went on under the leadership of Bob and the financial guidance of Bill Ruffler to become a powerhouse among British coin machine distributors.

Great times with good people. What do you think Colin ?.

FReddy Bailey

Freddy Bailey
20/04/2012, 10:38

I have to correct my last blog, the picture must have been taken in 1968-9, because the Spanish pinballs games were produced around that time, Rallye and Ana Bond models were made in 1968, also Bob was with London Coin from 1968-1974.

The smaller machine on the very left behind Bob was a home version pinball, they were made by Automicicos in Barcelona, Spain. I bought this model as a close out from Bob, obviously after they could not sell any of them, that is where I got the original date of 1971-2, that was when I bought them, the picture of Bob and I think the other guy is David Philpot, or possibly John Holmes.

I stand corrected, that is the pleasure of buying my yearly Coin Slot editions through of course coin-opcommunity.

Freddy Bailey

Freddy Bailey
20/04/2012, 22:52

I take my hat off to Freddy Bailie. He is one of the very few that has kept a thorough history of “our game”. The Coin Slot was the unndisputed Bible of the game for so many years. And long before that when it was just a pullout of the Worlds Fair. Has anybody got a comprehensive colllection of the original Worlds Fairs?. I was born into the game. And the highlight of the week was going to the newsagents for my copy. And my grandfather and father before me

Peter Bracewell
29/04/2012, 22:25

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