JayBox sees fruits of R&D


Speaking to Coin-Op Community  this week, Graham Bolderson, Managing Director, took the opportunity to update the JayBox status and plans for the future.

“We are currently seeing the fruits of three years of serious R&D which really enhances the value of our machines to operators. The fact that we have a policy of guaranteeing backwards compatibility means that operators can be sure that they are able to upgrade machines and continue to extend the shelf-life of their JayBox stock. This combines with terrific player appeal to give the optimal result – a low-cost to operate jukebox with high cash box takings.”

The company had an extraordinary rate of growth in sales during 2011, and plans are now in place to maintain this in 2012, with particular emphasis on building greater geographical coverage, notably in the Midlands and the South East.

“We will continue to grow our business by spending more time with operators as both existing and potential customers.” said Bolderson. “We don’t have huge budgets for advertising, so we have to direct our efforts into offering product presentations and training to operators’ account managers and engineers.”

The major technological advances which have been rolled out over the last six months are the Multi-function Control Board, MCB, the self-repairing SATA hard drive and USB repair stick, JayBox Live Access – remote access for operators, and the Anthems function for controlling the play of football anthems.

“We are particularly pleased with the MCB which really ups to standard of our audio offer to allow mix and fade for up to four zones with input gain for all channels including mic boost, as well as running a coin counter mounted inside cash box door. Our hard drive repair options are going to save operators a lot of time and money and the remote access will let operators see machines and observe a growing number of functions, including cash-in-box and whether or not the machine is actually switched on.” said Bolderson.

JayBox, which offers over 100,000 tracks which are instantly available on all machines, is currently adding over 200 tracks each week. Part of the appeal to players is to allow them to log-in and create their own play list which they can access on any site. If they can’t find a track they’re looking for, they can request this directly, online, and JayBox will source and usually publish this in a week.

“We had a good EAG in January and have had excellent follow-up results,” said Bolderson, “and we look forward to going back there in 2013.”

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