No USB necessary for Heber board


 Heber’s customers may be familiar with our range of flexible USB-based XLine products, X10i, Xspin, and Xluminate. Up to now you probably think of them as requiring a PC and a USB connection. Heber have further developed the X10i board so that it can now operate entirely on its own, meaning no USB connection and no application software running on the PC, just a simple power supply to the board.

“To do this we use the on-board processor with up to 32k bytes of your application program loaded onto the standard board, and could load larger applications programs if required,” says John Shee Heber Software Engineer.

The X10i board is now ideal for applications that have to operate as standalone products such as: protocol converters, processing user inputs to control lights, motors and many more. Depending on the board Heber can even offer long-term application data retention through battery-backed data memory.

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