The Cromptons Boy Band!


Over the years I have had some great times on trips to the USA and this was one of the best ever.

Although I did not work for Crompton’s for very long, Crompton’s was a fun company and I enjoyed  my time there – despite the problems.

I will always remember our trip to Atlanta where our party consisted of myself, Gordon, Richard and John Crompton, Paul Smith, Tim Francis and Chris Pantelli.

Feeling hungry, we went to the Hard Rock Café for lunch where we were served by two young waitresses who – liking  our accents – tried to find out what we were doing in Atlanta. Of course we told them the truth; that we worked in the music businessand were over there to promote our boy band!

Realizing that some of us could not get away with being in a boy band, we explained that only the two main singers  John and Richard had come over to sign contracts and view the venues .

Soon, we were having our photographs taken and were receiving free drinks and plenty of attention. This did not go down to well with one of the locals who kicked up a bit of a fuss – so we sent Chris Pantelli who had been designated our bodyguard (not because he was at all aggressive but he looked the part) so he and  Tim Francis (who had suddenly become the PR man for the band) went off to sort out the problem.

I must say they did a great job because the guy soon had his arm round Chris like they were the best of buddies .

As we left, we were given a card with an address of a music club and we were told that it was a great place to go and they would like to see us there.

By this time, we were feeling quite happy – so after a shower we arranged to meet outside the hotel at 7 pm, Gordon had decided that being a boy band we couldn’t just turn up in a taxi and promptly turned up in a huge white Limo. When we arrived there was a queue for miles trying to get in so the driver got us near the front door I jumped out, ignored all the dirty looks, and went up to the doormen. I explained that we were a band from England and we had been told

by our record company that we would be welcome here. Within seconds we were ushered in, welcomed by the manager and given a private room with a bar  and some free champagne.

I had now become the band’s manager, Gordon was the financial backer, Paul Smith was the accountant and John and Richard were the front men of our band.

We were having a great time –  it wasn’t long before  John was doing his dance routine and Richard was starting to believe he could sing!

What we didn’t know was that lots of would be singers and musicians came along to this club and did a turn – so it wasn’t long before the manager asked me if our two boy band members could perform!

Panic set in – have you ever heard John sing? Great dancer he may be but singer no.

I went into sales mode, “No can do,” I said, “We are contracted to perform our first public appearance in America  for EMI and breach of contract is something we can’t afford.”

They seemed happy with that and we continued enjoying ourselves till the early hours. We must have had a good time as nobody was up very early next morning.

The Famous Band from Kent had a night to remember – I wonder if they ever put our photo up in the Hard Rock Café?

(Image is for illustration purposes only – you can use your imagination!!!)




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