Semi retired pinball Mr. Fix-It for hire


Keith Best contacted us to tell us about his fascinating career in pinball and to let you all know that he is still available at an amazingly low price to come and repair pinball machines in the South East. As you can see – Keith can turn his hand to just about anything – so make a note of his details. 


“Pinball Express started officially in 1987 supplying and mainly repairing ‘Solid State’ pinball machines, although in truth I started to dabble back in 79 when I bought my first game through the local paper in Brighton.

This was a “HI DOLLY” Electromechanical flipper that never worked properly and after another three years and having repaired and sold another five pinballs, I got my first trade call from a busy arcade in West street in Brighton. There were six amusement arcades in that same street in those days and it wasn’t long before I was working for all of them in some way or another! This was together with the Nobles’ Palace Pier that had around 10 pinball tables that were in constant need of attention.

When I started Pinball Express in 87 in Turners Hill, Crawley, I was repairing with arcades from Portsmouth to Broadstairs and I left my company car job (with Unlimited petrol allowance) with Paynes Poppets in Croydon to follow the dream! In truth, I have seldom looked back.


At that time I was largely dealing with Philip Shefras Spares (now Suzo) & Deith Leisure and buying pinball stock in job lots to get the best price, until Deith sadly broke up towards the end of the millennium. I would have traded more with quality North London companies like UDC, Electrocoin, Brent and Eurocoin, but they were twice the distance of Deith … and anyway Deith had a far superior coffee machine. 

I dealt commercially with amusements arcades, blue-chip companies, bars and restaurants, for on-site repairs and was registered with the “Gaming Board of Great Britain” as an operator/repairer of pinball machines, under the umbrella licence of another company called “Bobbitmatics” in south London.

I also dealt with the public: royalty and rock stars including Richard Branson who had a Twilight Zone that had some connection with Virgin Records (he never did let on – why?) and that was set up in his private studios, in Bayswater, which I then took after three years or so, after a full renovation, to his estate in Oxford. 



Bon Jovi VIP Suite party night aftar concert at VW headquarters in Milton Keynes - 12 pinball hire over 3 days.

Here are just a few of the famous names I dealt with and their chosen pinball games:

Robbie Williams – The Addams Family

Brian May – all three Star Wars and Flash Gordon

Roger Taylor – six various music-related pintables

Sol Kerzner, the Moroccan Royal Family and a Top Secret USA military base (masquerading as an RAF base from the front) were also interesting customers of mine. I’ve supplied on-site machines to private home-owners from penthouses and large country estates to council flats. Plus a Pharmaceuticals Co. that wanted a TERMINATOR 2 of all things!

One of the highlights of my career was a slot on Channel 4’s “Big Breakfast Show” on pinball machines. I also enjoyed building a customized pinball from scratch for the biggest construction company in the world. They used it for exhibitions all around Europe. They loved it and kept it going for years, although it needed the odd makeover!


Richard Bransons recording studios - play room.

Finally, after the machine had been battered around by transportation services for over 5 years, the company then asked me for another idea. I produced a 1950s mechanical lite up One-Armed-Bandit where clients were invited to pull handle in order to win a number of prizes. The reels were also printed with the new services the company wanted to promote.

Following this, I was approached by a PR company who asked me to produce models of pinball playfields for a Sky TV music show. They wanted footage of a chrome ball hitting targets towards the countdown of the charts.

This took three, 16-hour days of filming at Shepperton Studios to create just three minutes of footage – but the end result looked astounding!

There were tough times too – like the time I was visited at my Pinball Express showrooms by the Department of Trading Standards in 2005. They insisted I would have to change all my doorways to take wheelchairs, have a wheelchair friendly lift installed and ensure that any jobs were available to disabled people.

While I protested that the job required anyone to be fully standing to be of any use, I was told all companies will have to do this regardless of whether job applicant suitable or not.

This wasn’t the only piece of headless-corpse ideology being imposed quite unfairly on small companies without any reform or redress appeal avenues being available, – I was looking at thousands to be wasted on a property that I did not even own, as I was renting at the time.

So after consulting my accountants (it really does pay to have a good accountant) I decided to retire three years early and enjoy life. I traveled around the US and Europe before coming back and claiming my pension!

I’m still repairing and renovating Pinball games for the customer base built up over the many years.

Parts are becoming more difficult to obtain but collector groups around the globe are finding easier ways to copy circuitry without infringing copyrights and improving on original technology to give these great Pinball games made from 1976 right up to present date, a new lease of life.

Even I myself have kept back thousands of parts bought new up to 2006 for just this reason and am slowly using them to best effect long lasting quality repairs for both new and ‘old school’ customers.

Should you have any interest, parts or complete machines dating back to the late 1800s when these were started as bagatelle boards, I would be pleased to give any help or advice regarding these now cherished works of art.

Roger Taylor of Queen rock group asked me to renovate a 1949 Wurlitzer 1015 that he had shipped from USA which I took on to good friend Tony Rolfe to be renovated properly, which he did, and still works perfectly as a 78rpm jukebox should do.

Covering S.E. England counties I still repair all Pinballs for any location.

I get as much pleasure repairing as playing them, and if its beyond my understanding then I know just the person to put you in contact with. without charging dreaded VAT and other excessive charges, being retired at 62, I can now take life easier and would charge a mere £10 call out fee plus 0.40p per mile from home in East Grinstead.

This £10 payment covers a “slap-up binge” at KFC on the way home!

Should there ever be a time where an effective repair is beyond my understanding then I know just the person(s) to put you in contact with.

Please contact Keith by Tel: 01342-312311 or 01342-715542 (a/fone – anytime),

or by email at: or


with his wife Lizzie

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I have a Williams Jackbot pinball machine needing attention at home. I am really struggling to find someone for this. I hope you can help.
07970 131172
Regards, Joan

Joan Deak
06/12/2013, 10:02

Joan was phoned a couple of days after receiving this enquiry, and problem is now fully resolved.

Keith BEST
Pinball Express
13/01/2014, 20:30

Hi I have a williams fire which boots up it shows credits available and ball waiting but when you press start just a clunk from left hand side of machine, some time when machine starts boot proses it shows pia 42 failure could recommend what to do next


Craig Harrison
Stoke on Trent
11/02/2014, 12:34

Sir, I have a Williams Palooka which needs attention now if possible.

Many thanks,

John Owen.

John Owen
Wallington Surrey SM6 9DN
17/02/2014, 13:14

I see you live in East Grinstead.

I have a workshop in Blinley Heath, or I could bring the machine to you.

Many thanks,

John Owen. 07890 884898

John Owen
17/02/2014, 13:18

Firstly, please contact me here for a quicker response on 01342- 3 123 11.

Craig, are you still getting problems with the FIRE, if so then I’ve a few tips that may resolve that issue, so please either phone or email me at address above.

John, are you still in need of PALOOKA being restored then please phone or email me anytime.

Many thanks, Keith.

Keith at Pinball Express
United Kingdom
21/03/2014, 14:57

Keith, thanks for fixing my super mario bros pinball, it now works and we have spent lots of time playingit without fault.

barrie wells
20/05/2014, 20:59

Many Many grateful thanks Barrie. Most people wouldn’t bother to leave such kind comments for everyone to see.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
23/06/2014, 16:16

I recently bought a pinball machine and I think it needs a service as it has started showing an error message saying “opto trough bad check connectors, wires and 12v supply”. It is a Demolition Man machine. I have people coming round next weekend for a party so need someone to come and fix it during the week. Would this be possible? I am in Staplehurst, Kent – Please help!

28/07/2014, 12:37

Thanks Matthew,
Demolition Man problems all repaired & resolved in time for your party. Hope you enjoyed the game rules with “Secret Codes” built into your game like: have you seen the COW moo-ing yet?

Keith Best
Pinball Express
03/08/2014, 10:08

I have demolition man i switch it on and loads up but does not bring the ball up to launch it do you know what this might be p
lease. Husband beside himself!!!

diana smith
po8 0tl hampshire
30/10/2014, 20:51

Thanks Diana

Need to ask couple questions like:
1- Does score display write any messages to suggest whats wrong?
2- Could be a wire off or a ball opto beam not working, do all coils energise in a search pattern to try and locate missing ball?

Give me your location or email me at; or tel; 01342-3 123 11

Keith Best
Pinball Express
03/11/2014, 17:49

Hi There,

I have a star trek the next generation with which the left cannon launcher keeps firing / unfiring whilst turning and eventually just stops, also the ball lock at back (borg entry) doesnt always drop the barrier to allow ball to drop, would you be able to assist on what this might be
many thanks


gavin collins
bromley, kent
12/12/2014, 15:22

Thanks Gavin

I’ve been going through my notes and can confirm these canon and drop hole problems to be relatively simple ones to rectify as we discussed on the phone 3 or 4 days ago when you phoned me.

Canon is either firing with the rod jamming out in path of opto, or opto beam being at fault, and the drop hole probably needs stripping down to establish what’s causing this mechanism to be sluggish in activation which I’ll find out this Saturday 20th December when we meet.

Looking forward to seeing this remarkable game.


Keith Best
Pinball Express
18/12/2014, 01:57


I have a Williams millionaire pinball machine in need of some repairs.

For example. One of the score displays does not work.

Would you be interested in repairing.

I could take a video of it working and show you what works and what doesn’t if it helps.

Kind regards


Jamie anderson
burford, Oxfordshire
09/01/2015, 20:02

Hello Jamie

Thanks for enquiry, about this older system 11 game made in 1986/7.

If you’ve got a scoring display out and the rest are working ok, then its going to be rather expensive but not impossible to repair.

Go here to see latest pricing without p&p from Germany:

All in all your looking at spending around £200 plus just to replace this unit entirely, and that’s without considering what other repairs are necessary.

Considering the games age being nearly 30 years old, it may be better to part exchange up to a later produced Williams or Bally game as they were always the better LOVED & EASIER to fix games from 1990 (WPC Series) up to 1999. Just note that TV – Pinball 2000 models are NOT advised unless you have bottomless pockets to replace a now virtually obsolete PC-based mother-board!

If I can help with any further advice then email me on for a quicker response.


Keith Best
Pinball Express
11/01/2015, 23:56

i have an addams family pin table the thing hand does not collect ball but works when you do test also “thing flips” does not work any idea of costs thanks

d howard
14/02/2015, 17:24

Hello D Howard

Have had similar issues with Addams Family THING & HAND many times before, and just recently funnily enough. Firstly, (memory back up when game is switched off) is paramount in keeping the game working properly, and where memory fails thing hand & flipper will be awaiting factory set up (Automatic calibration or synchronisation test) before operating.

Could be one of 3 below
Hand opto circuit board failure.
Link wire broken on switch lines to hand.
Battery back up failure on MPU board.

Send me an email with your post code to better determine costs please.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
18/02/2015, 18:52

Hi there, I have Williams’ Magic City pinball from the 60s. Scoreboard has just stopped scoring and the power on the buffers seems like it’s dipped a touch. Just wondered if you had any ideas or whether this was something you think a service would sort? Let me know if you’re interested in having a go.
Thanks in advance

Will Marston
Needham Market, Suffolk
08/03/2015, 16:24

HI Will

Your too far away from my location in East Grinstead, so give Andy at an email as he’s reluctant to answer people phoning him.
He’s in Rugby, Warwickshire.

Those old pre 70s games were basically guarded by 4-6 fuses just inside coin front door – so check fuses, (make sure game is not plugged in or switched on) and change mains plug fuse for a fresh 13a as these have been known to partly break or reduce current partially with age.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
12/03/2015, 09:18

I have left you a voice mail, but thought that I would use this method of communication as well. I have a Startrek TNG machine in need of some TLC specifically with the guns trapping and not firing the ball. I would appreciate knowing how much it would cost for you to come and look at it.
Tel : 02392 266352

Derek Gunnell
01/04/2015, 17:49

Hello Derek

Thanks for enquiry about your STTNG.

It would be helpful to know if the guns are coming to rest after you power up game (not when your playing game) or do they just keep swinging back & forth.

Does the rest of game work properly ?

You have not given me your exact location please.

Being retired I can come out at mostly any time day or night including weekends which I prefer because there is less traffic.

Send your post code to my email.

Email me here:

Keith Best
Pinball Express
01/04/2015, 19:39

Hi Keith,

Please can you get back to me about the repair to the Black Rose machine.

Many thanks


David Mason
22/04/2015, 10:23

Thanks David

Have answered your concerns on your email earlier today, and given 2 people I recommend to help further with the logic fault on this game.

Please continue to keep me informed on their progress at

Kind Regards


Keith Best
Pinball Express
22/04/2015, 14:25

Hi – I have a Williams Palooka which I’m restoring. It has power, lights and some relay functions, but there are some problems getting it to start up. I could do with some help, please.

West London
03/05/2015, 14:12

HI Mick

Nice to hear from you, I have just the guy to help you in that area, but he’s rather busy himself at the moment.
If I can connect with him before the weekend it would be helpful to have some better contact details from you rather than just this blog.
So please drop me your email or mobile phone so we can help you better please.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
05/05/2015, 23:06

Hi Keith,
I am struggling to fix my Centaur1, possible solenoid driver isuues as not getting any solenoids to fire on the test sequence. Any advice or local experts here in Dorset Hangs..?
Regards, Martin

05/05/2015, 23:59

Hello Martin

Thanks for getting in touch, Is this the 1st Centaur or the follow on Centaur 11.
Either way your looking at problems with supply at source being the A2 power supply in cabinet under play-field or further in line on up to A3 circuit board behind back upright picture (backbox).
Have you checked & or changed fuse on A2 power supply?
Send postcode to my email: so I can see exactly where you are as it may be possible to get to you.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
06/05/2015, 13:46

Hi Keith,
I have a 1994 Corvette pinball machine and the dot matrix display is not working. It did come back on once for a short time, so i’m not convinced it is the display. Is there somewhere I could send it to get it tested before I purchase a replacement?
Thanks. Nick

13/08/2015, 18:37

Thanks Nick

Only just got this through today on 20th, don’t know why it takes so long to register message.

Suggest its not the glass display but the power board that supplies data to it which is top right side 8″ x 6″ inches wide – look for red led in top right corner – if off then there’s a problem with supply.

Check with schematics in back of your manual for voltage loss causing this.
For a quicker response email me with your post code at

Keith Best
Pinball Express
20/08/2015, 13:19

That will be because I was on holiday! You can always place a small banner ad Keith and then people will know how to contact you directly – best Steph

21/08/2015, 09:44

Hi Kieth.

I have a 92 DataEast Star Wars pinball machine, it’s been in storage for a good few years, on getting it out and setup in its new home, there doesn’t seem to be any power to it, buttons loose and a general service, do you think you could pop down to Brighton and take a look, we’d love to get it back up and running. Thanks Kieth.

Jim – 07711 948990

Jim Cunliffe
06/09/2015, 17:50

Hi Jim

Nice to hear from you. Shouldn’t be a problem getting the game going, so long as it has not been subject to long term dampness and heavy condensation.

If the legs have gone rusty, this may prove to be more than just a simple repair and I will need to come to you to assess the situation and quote a couple alternating path’s for you to take according to any extensive corrosion found inside game.

Will phone your mobile – thank you,
or please email me for a faster response here:

Kind Regards Keith.

Keith Best
09/09/2015, 21:08

Hi Keith, I recently brought a T2 judgement Day Pinball machine (my dream machine) from a rogue trader at Home and Leisure. From day 1 it had issues ! The 30 day Warrenty ran out whilst chasing them to repair on two occasions of which they made basic adjustments, 10 mins each visit and the next day it broke again! They take your money and run! I have figured out the battery pack to the circuit board has a power failure or the memory chip needs replacing as when turning off and on it goes back to factory reset. I have changed the batteries and soldered the negative loose wire but no change! Now unfortunately 2 fuses have blown F114 and F115. I feel I must wait for you to repair as a true expert :) I have tried contacting a local repairman without joy! unfortunately I feel I have become victim to rogue traders who charge extortionate prices and drag out the process without fixing it , only to be called out again. I am praying you are the one, I feel totally gutted I have purchased a pinball machine that can never truly be enjoyed :( I wait patiently for your response as I know you are a busy man ! Best regards Daniel

Waltham Cross EN8 7QY
28/09/2015, 16:19

Thanks Daniel, your dilemma is not an isolated case and these so called expert organisations are coming up all too frequently these days, by tarting up the outside without hardly paying any attention to the real issues inside (under play field) that has caused the circuit boards to fail in the first place..
Have answered your email to me last week and brand new circuitry (2 x boards) will have to be replaced with brand new ones. After first establishing the faults that caused this circuitry to fail and replacing parts in order to rectify accordingly.
As always email me for a quicker response.

Kind Regards, Keith.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
05/10/2015, 11:33

hi I have 1972 fireball, that needs a service, new rubbers etc. Can you do this for me thanks Pete

10/11/2015, 11:50

HI Pete

Nice to hear from you.
Is this the original Bally Fireball electromechanical or the later version “Solid State” with orange scoring displays ? As always above please contact my email above for a quicker answer.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
13/11/2015, 09:43


We have a pinball machine that needs a full refurb and we’re looking for people who could quote for us. It’s quite Tired but the mechanism seems to still work fine. I can’t see a name of it but it’s a pretty simple game called space shot and the machine is made by wondermatics London. Can send photo.

Any help would be great.

24/12/2015, 15:23

HI Tom

Nice to hear from you.

Please send photo to my email and we’ll go from there once I’ve seen how the game is looking condition wise.
Have you had it long / where has it been stored / when was the last time you tried to use it by switching it on and did it work at all ?

Looking forward to seeing it please.

Many thanks, Keith.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
28/12/2015, 21:39

After many many phone calls to my only land-line 01342 3 123 11 for advice, I am finding it more & more difficult to help with the varied and unusual faults or problems enquiries, and cannot give them an instant or satisfactory answer there and then. Therefore please, please DO ME THE FAVOUR of explaining the fault(s) by sending me an Email to; so I can look up notes and research diagrams fully before returning a much more meaningful and hopefully satisfactory answer wherever you are in the UK, with contacts in your area – need your postcode please.
I do not need the manufacturer of pinball only the name of game like for example BUCK ROGERS or TWILIGHT ZONE etc.
I am more than happy to continue giving free advice to the private owning sector as well as trade / operators – and emailing me helps me to help you much more effectively, as I may be able to come out to your location to evaluate the Pinball problems by giving you 2-3 possible courses of action to take according to funds available. THANK YOU.

Pinball Express
08/05/2016, 01:18

I have a jurassic park pinball machine turns on and goes through a diagnostics mode then goes on to play mode everything is fine except it doesn’t always put a ball into play then it will put two or three balls into play at once

adrian mòore
Telford Shropshire
08/05/2016, 08:45

Hello Adrian
Sounds like a problem with a switch on the 6 ball outhole trough assembly as detailed in page 71 of the manual – yellow section at back of manual, that should have been supplied with game.
Go into switch test in diagnostics and tell me what number(s) of switches are being displayed.
EMAIL ME for a more detailed explanation please.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
09/05/2016, 12:14

HI Keith

I have a need for a home visit (Kent areas) and tune up/fixes to a Gottlieb Black Hole (including a replacement solenoid) …. is this something you could cover and/or have you some availability on quite short notice?

If so, i’ll gladly give you a ring to discuss.


Dom Cresswell
16/05/2016, 20:09

Hello Dom

Thanks for sending the Emails with better details of the problems needing attention.
Have returned answers after much brain storming and researching past notes about the game.
Don’t forget the 3 balls need to be recognised at start of game for game to initialise or start a game, which was a bone of contention on Gottlieb games with multi-ball facility.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
19/05/2016, 05:16

Hi Keith
We bought a Gottileb Cross Town few months ago, It’s been working fine with a few minor faults lamps etc. but could be played on.

Recently it suddenly stopped working & blew the main fuse so it won’t light up, wondered if it could be the main transformer ( looks like the original one)If you could advise or possibly have a look at it we’d be most grateful. We’re in Wallington

Look forward to hearing from you


Jeff & Paula

Jeff & Paula
Wallington Surrey
15/08/2016, 12:02

Hi Keith
We bought a Gottileb Cross Town a few months ago. It’s been working fine with only a few minor faults but could be played on. It suddenly stopped working recently & blew the main fuse, won’t ligh up, wondered if it could be the main transformer ( looks like the original one ) If you couldadvise us or have a look at it we’d be most grateful. We’re in Wallington.
Look forward to hearing from you
Jeff & Paula

Jeff & Paula
Wallington Surrey
15/08/2016, 15:40

Hi KeithI
have had aGottlieb Sky Jump for many years, and just got it working after moving house. I have a small problem with it . The drop targets dont pop up when a new game is started but works correctly when all go down during the game. Any ideas

peter trussell
hitchin herts
16/08/2016, 21:48

Hello Jeff & Paula

Sorry to hear about the CROSS TOWN blowing fuses when powering up.
Please send me an email to

so I can make enquiries on your behalf once I’ve established where the game came from ie: Which country the game was made for in order to check for wiring to transformer to be correct for UK and not wired incorrectly from the start by being wired to Italian standard which run on lesser voltages and a different Hertz rating in some extreme cases that would cause this sort of problem to develop.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
18/08/2016, 02:53

Hello Peter

Your problems with SKY JUMP sounds like the wiring to the coil that resets the drop targets has broken somewhere & I would remove glass and lift playfield to check to see if either cable has come adrift from the coil that operates this drop target bank.

Also check to see if connections to coils are sound & not just hanging by a thread restricting power to the coil.

Sounds like you know how to lift playfield in order to reset the bank, so please tell me if it resets itself when all targets are down in game – play and not just at the start of a fresh game ?

Keith Best
Pinball Express
18/08/2016, 03:03

I have the hurricane machine and the back motor for the spinning wheel is spinning all the time as soon as you switch it on. I suspect a circuit/electronic issue. Can you help 07894066869

Carl follows
18/08/2016, 17:39

HI Carl

If the rest of the game still operates ok, you don’t need the wheel to operate continuously as the score display shows an animated bottom portion of the wheel when the feature activates in game.

Therefore I would disconnect the motor on wheel by accessing the wheel from the rear where motor sits centrally and either cut one wire on the motor or trace wiring back to its operating supply plug on BIG board in top right hand corner and unplug it.

Look inside the green cover manual for corresponding diagram to see which plug to simply pull off .

Keith Best
Pinball Express
19/08/2016, 10:33

Hi kieth, I have 1979 electromechanical hot tip machine, it did work but since moving house will not play, it powers up but I cannot get it to fire up’ I would like it fixed if poss please. Chris.

Chris membery
Bradley Stoke.bristol.
06/09/2016, 08:39

Thanks Chris

HOT TIP was a crossover machine made twice in 06/77 being electro-mechanical with drum rollover scorer reels.
OR 11/1977 had digital scoring with solid state circuitry, so I need to know which you have in order to better diagnose the problems your getting.

Send me an email: with a picture of back upright where the scoring is.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
08/09/2016, 11:31

Hi Keith we have a Demolitiom Man pinball which doesn’t turn on,we’ve checked the fuse,which is fine.When it worked the right flipper was weak & didn’t fully operate,also one of the red buttons on the handle its spring on the micro switch is weak.Can you ring me on 01494 436242 or 07904 681950 to arrange a service & repair kind regards Tim

Tim Stoddart
16/10/2016, 18:03

Hello Tim

No problem, will be getting in touch later today.

Thanks for useful descriptions and the 2 telephone numbers.
If we don’t talk on phone till later in day, I have to go out for couple hours 2.30pm to around 4.30pm to get a Flu-Jab !

Keith Best
Pinball Express
17/10/2016, 03:29

Enquiry: Good morning,
I have a cquired a \”Gottlieb Funland\” pinball machine that is working. I would like to have it serviced and where necessary parts replaced e.g. rubbers that over time have lost their rebound through age.
Are you able to do this at my home which is close to Bognor Regis.
My telephone number is :- 07803 209484
Many thanks,

19/10/2016, 19:09

Hello Malcolm

Thanks for getting in touch, and for leaving the helpful telephone number.

Will be phoning you later today, just recovering from a very bad head cold that I’m just getting over.

Pesky thing stopped me getting my Flu – Jab.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
20/10/2016, 12:54

Hi I have a Bally 8 ball deluxe limited edition which has sat for some time and would like to get working and restored
Cheers Dale

Dale storkey
Clacton on sea
22/10/2016, 20:56

Hello Dale

Nice to hear from you.

Many thanks for helpfull phone number.

Will phone you this afternoon (Monday 24th Oct)
Kind Regards Keith..

Keith Best
Pinball Express
24/10/2016, 10:08

Hello Keith. I have Demolition Man which has been great, but haven’t used it for a while. Turned it on tonight and it came up with car crash error code but played fine. Started a 2nd game and during which it turned off and won’t now come on. There is a slight buzzing noise. I was intending to get it checked over anyway and get any repairs done bulbs and rubbers replaced if needed, perhaps a clean. I’m in Waterlooville. Is this within your range and of interest to you to help. Regards Mike

Mike Smith
Waterlooville, Hampshire
07/11/2016, 20:45

Hello Keith
Sorry but I didnt include my contact number as well as my email address (ref my Demolition Man pinball). Its 07747 762379.
Regards Mike

Mike Smith
09/11/2016, 19:43

Hello Mike

Sorry for delay,

I don’t see a problem sorting out your pinball as I’ve strangely enough had 2 other Demolition Man’s come to me in the past 2 month’s, and one of them had been stored in a container for 8 years and its all going well again now.

Will be phoning you tomorrow, or please send me an email to

My advice would be to not try to use it anymore, until I can fully diagnose where its failing and the best course of action with the smallest outlay to yourself.

I can run out to you in Waterlooville near Portsmouth.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
10/11/2016, 00:19

Hello Keith, what a great site you have.
I have had a Zaccaria Ski Jump for 40 years….it has been out of action for the last 20 but stored in good conditions.When switched on it all lights up but lots of features just don’t fire up or start and don’t stop.My three young grandchildren are always on their various “screens” but have shown an interest in the pinball…..repairing it is beyond me..even with your help ,so I am looking for someone to restore the whole thing to workable condition. Can you help please …..if you cannot take the job on perhaps you know of a reliable firm in the midlands that I can contact. I would be happy to take the machine to Orpington where my grandchildren live. Here’s hoping to hear from you, regards, david

09/01/2017, 15:24

sorry, contact number is 07515 908739, regards, david

09/01/2017, 15:26

Hello David

Nice to hear from you and a great and well made pinball from Zaccaria made in Italy.

I am already heavily committed to finishing a full renovation soon, with another waiting after that which will take over a month to complete, when I can locate parts needed that are mostly obsolete.

I will be going over some notes & details in next few days and hope to find someone for you and closer to Newark in Notts to save you shipping game all the way down south.

Thanks for phone number which I may use to save me writing down here.

Email me here;

Happy New Year !

Keith Best
Pinball Express
10/01/2017, 02:49



This is an Internet/Web and Phone, very poor reception area to say the least.

Therefore, please EMAIL me here on for any enquiries or questions you need to be answered.

I will be checking my email as priority over this blog every 2-4 days depending on road conditions that could stop me getting to a local town some 5 miles away, where I will have better access to the internet.

Many Thanks, Keith

Keith Best
Pinball Express
19/01/2017, 07:41

Have a williams roller games machine i know it need new bounce rubbers and is showin adjusment failure but i have taken legs off n resting back end on chairs at mo so mayb that

Kellie Hughes
31/01/2017, 13:03

hello keith i have star trex thg 1973 pinball when i start game i keep getting 2 balls coming out plese could you give me someone to come out and repair my pinball my phone no 07919350767 thankyou terry sibley

19/02/2017, 15:00

hi keith,iv’e got a bally pinball called spectrum, ball won’t come out when you press the flipper,also won’t except 10ps or 50ps, please can you help me with any phone numbers you may have,manythanks,mario

26/02/2017, 15:57

Hello everyone, back now from extended stay away, so please email me with any questions you may have, and I’ll research my records for advice on what actions are necessary to rectify any problems you may have.

email me here;

I look forward to hearing from you …

Keith Best
Pinball Express
28/02/2017, 16:45


I’m a pinball engineer (Solid State) if you ever need any repairs covered on South Coast that you can’t get to let me know

Covering All electronic pinballs 1978 to 2006 Bally / Williams / SEGA / Data East / Gottlieb / Stern / etc
07527 233010


Brian mckenna
15/04/2017, 15:42

Hi we need our Theatre of Magic machine serviced
Can you help? Look forward to hearing from you.

14/05/2017, 07:04

Hello Brian & Linda

Please email me here with details about your Theatre Of Magic problems in more detail, so I can look up records and better evaluate whats needed if I come out to where you are in Godalming, Surrey.

Keith Best
East Grinstead
18/05/2017, 17:53

Hi I have a Zacharia aerobatic red arrows pinball machine used to work ,still lights up but balls don’t come up onto playing field . Would also need light restoration to get to a better standard ready for future enjoyment. Do you fix on site or remove .
Many thanks

Steve wakeford
Eastbourne East sussex
05/06/2017, 17:50

Hello Steve

Regarding your Zaccaria pinball, I cannot help you with as its a very old 60s electro-mechanical game.

However, if you email me at I will scour my records for a specialist to recommend who sometimes does or covers these fine old Italian games.

Sorry I can’t be of any more help than that,

Keith Best
Pinball Express
07/06/2017, 04:51

Keith, not sure if I thanked you properly for your sterling work and advice in getting my Strikes & Spares pinball up and running again.. You worked tirelessly over a number of weeks and every new challenge was met with determination and fortitude. As previously stated the machine is better than when I first purchased it and working brilliantly, with the latest hiccups now a distant memory.THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Regards, Geoff Pearson

Geoff Pearson
Englefield Green
13/08/2017, 08:40

01243 583482 THANKS PETE

Peter Downes
04/09/2017, 15:48

Thanks Peter

Will look up info on your game / location and phone you later or email me here on for a quicker response.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
06/09/2017, 15:40

Keith, I have a Creature from the Black Lagoon pinball machine that needed a service away and now everything’s started to go haywire, features not working etc. Could you please give me a call on 07584 856809? Thanks

Graham Lyons
22/09/2017, 16:11

Hello Graham

Will phone you tomorrow, thanks for helpful telephone number.

My account has been corrupted somehow and I am not able to access as yet, and should be resolved in the next few days – I hope.


Keith Best
Pinball Express
26/09/2017, 00:22

HIP-HIP-HOORAY ! – is now fully operational again, so please feel free to ask any solid state pinball enquiries you may have (1975 to present date – manufactured pinball machines).

Any questions on older or other arcade / gaming equipment info also available.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
30/09/2017, 03:33

Hi, I have a Twilight Zone pinball machine that could do with a service – a few rubbers perished, the top left flipper is a little weak and the program is reset to french every time I switch it on! Apart from that everything else is working fine!

Are you able to come to Twichenham to help? (I think you may have been here once quite some time ago..)

Thanks, Gareth

Gareth Hansford
04/10/2017, 13:34

Hello Gareth

Great to hear from you again.

Please either leave your phone number or send me an email to

In the meantime I’ll be going through my records tomorrow (Friday 6th) for your details from last visiting you.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
05/10/2017, 12:12

Thanks Gareth

See you next week as emailed to me.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
07/10/2017, 00:17


Keith Best
Pinball Express
26/12/2017, 21:43

Hi I have an attack from mars machine that will not get through to the game mode, machine turns on and says light on but won’t go any further. Would this be something you could look at please?

Ipswich suffolk
26/02/2018, 18:34

Hello James

Have been going over past records regarding your problems and can send you some ideas and diagrams on where to check and look to find a remedy or establish the fault cause.

So please email me here at for me to send you a PDF with details.

I can also come to see you in Ipswitch if needed to anytime 24/7.

Distance no problem.
Regards, Keith.

Keith Best
Pinball Express
01/03/2018, 09:38

Hi, Keith.

I have an oldish electro mechanical pinball, Gottleib’s Royal Guard that was in good working order when I bought it but which has developed a couple of faults. The first one is that the ball has stopped returning to the firing position.
The second thing is that the machine now fails to turn on at the switch. I have tried checking the fuse in the plug and cannot identify the fault.
Is this something that you possibly could fix for me?
My house is 5 minutes walk from Watford Junction station, where there is a good 20 minute service into London Euston.
Kind regards,

Rob Cooper
02/04/2018, 19:06

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