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As you can see the police did not lock me up – they presented me with my award and congratulations, they also read out special congratulations for me from David Bellis MBE of Innovative Technology which was nice of David to take the time out to do this for me. I must admit I did have a fabulous evening and the award was great.

Well EAG came and went, it was quite good and very enjoyable, and the party night was terrific, my poor feet knew they had been well and truly abused with all the dancing the following day, but sometimes one has to pay heavily for one’s pleasures!!  I would like to thank Karen and her team for the organisation of the whole event, well done and here’s to next year.

AMEX is the next show and I am on the look out for raffle prizes for the show, if you feel you could donate a bottle of something preferably not water, it would be more than welcome, and you can contact me on or 0161 633 9236.

Good to hear that Riverside’s Amusements Harry Farr has made a good recovery following his terrible accident last year, it must be sheer determination on your part Harry and good nursing on Clare’s part.  I was sorry not to see you at EAG but I do understand that The Maldives took preference; two weeks of sun, sea and sand far outweighed two or three days in cold London.  Hope you enjoyed your holiday and got plenty of relaxation, you both deserve it.

Nice to see Cliff Wilson and his wife Una at EAG and I bought a copy of Cliff’s book ‘Love It or Hate It’ and it is some of his recollections of his time in the amusement industry and it has some quite funny moments in it, it is well worth a read and at the cost of £9.99 with 50% of the cost going to Nottingham Adult Speech and Language Therapy Department at the Queens Medical Centre.

The reason for this is that Cliff suffered a stroke and this stole Cliff’s ability to speak, read and write and this unit gave Cliff these abilities back.This is excellent value, and you can purchase the book by contacting Cliff or Una by email on, by telephone on 0115 9271043 or 07970 041246.

One chapter in the book that I found fascinating was ‘Don’t Walk Down This Block’ but don’t take my word for it, buy the book and read it for yourself, after all a man with Cliff’s time in the amusement industry has many memories and he is sharing some of these with us.

I see Terry Farr has got himself a new position with AMG Leisure, this should be good for him and a shrewd move on AMG Leisure’s part, as Terry is a man with a world of expertise in the amusement industry and is a well liked and popular character with numerous contacts.

Sorry to hear at Suzo-Happ’s Laurel Ditch is not well and is hospitalised at present, please hurry up and get well Laurel you are sadly missed by friends and colleagues.

I am also sorry to hear about the recent death of Ivor Parry who was well known in the casino and machine sales side of the industry for many years. Ivor was with Tony Manzi at Interselect Coin Equipment in London in the early 60’s and he later joined Bruno Leccacorvi at Harlequin Amusements in Arkley, Hertfordshire, and Tony Manzi then moved to Great Yarmouth to Marina Leisure along with Albert Smith at Silver City Leisure Centre in Norwich.  Ivor and Bruno then moved forward into the electronic world and formed a new company called Touch Screen Leisure, which they ran for many years.  Ivor’s health had been failing for a few years but he still kept cheerful and optimistic right until the end. Yet another one of the amusement industry’s characters that was one  of it’s lifeblood.

The Fletcher Group’s Joe Fletcher had an interesting badge on at EAG he referred to himself as Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, well I knew Joe had many talents i.e. making doors for amusement machines and running arcades, but these were new talents, and I know this day and age Joe we are all diversifying, but this diversification is a new one on me.  Mind you if you are what you say on your badge then hopefully your wife Kelly must just be sitting with her feet up!!

It was good to see Dean Gourlay and Ian Walters exhibiting at EAG for the first time, and they had a busy stand with plenty of interesting product on offer. Dean was at one time with RLMS and Ian is the son of the late John Walters who was part of the amusement industry for numerous years.  Well done boys, let’s hope that all the interest turns to orders for you.

Steve Fitton of Scan Coin sent me a photo of Tom Weafer who runs the Irish part of their business and as one can see from the photo Tom was hard at work at EAG, well with pint in hand anyway. Here’s the photo, Tom, which proves you’re hard at work!!  I suppose at the AMEX show Tom will be just the same, but it will be Guinness there no doubt!!

Many thanks to Ian and Tina Eason of Instance Automatics for the gift they gave me, you can both rest assured that it has found a very comfortable home along with my other numerous cuddly toys, and I really do love Smurfs.

It was a pleasure to see ex Thomas Automatics Mark Edmundson at EAG, and must admit he looked well and was supporting a very slim line body, must be the new job he has at present which involves much more manual work than he was doing at Thomas’s, whatever, Mark as always you looked good.

Musical talents are obviously in the family that is the family of Harry Levy’s Colin Mallery who told me that his granddaughter Evie who is 9 years old is playing the violin which Colin bought her for Christmas, and apparently she is excellent at it and loves it, she has an ear for music and loves most kinds of it.  What with Colin having a good singing voice and Evie on the violin have we a duo in the making here for ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’  Staying with Colin sorry to hear that you had to have an operation on your hand, but I’m sure all of us that know you wish you well with it, and we all know that it won’t stop you writing orders!!

Maggi and Maggi’s Aldo Maggi celebrated his birthday on the second day of the show and he was going over to ICE to celebrate it, anyway Aldo belated birthday wishes.

Chris Haley of Dransfield’s of Leeds has had promotion he is now the new Managing Director, well done Chris you deserve it.

ITM Leisure’s Craig Robinson was at Euston station with Jean Thomas when a young lady asked him the way to the toilets, and being the gentleman that he is Craig duly directed her, and as the young lady was leaving she turned to her friend and said ‘He’s nice and he’s got a nice bum too.’ bet you thought it was your lucky day Craig.  Do you know Craig I have never looked at you in this way before, but in Ireland I am going to get a back view of you and see if I agree with her, and if I do we will maybe enter you for ‘Rear Of The Year.’

Calling all bingo heads that want to get married and enjoy you game of bingo too, well if this is your sort of thing the Cosmo Group based in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester or Cheshire (depending on which side of the blanket you were born!!) are aiming to be the first bingo hall in Britain to hold weddings. They already hold hen nights and are of the belief that a bingo session will make an ideal credit crunch wedding party, they will of course have to get the registrar’s seal of approval for the hall for this to happen.  I hope it does go ahead, as it is nice to see someone in this gloom and doom time coming up with an entrepreneurial idea.





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Hi Joyce
How sorry I was to hear of the Death of Ivor Parry .
My Wife and I spent some good times with Ivor
we remember him fondly.

Colin & Pauline Mallery.

Colin Mallery
23/02/2012, 12:18

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