Christmas Memories


Thanks to Michael Green and Derek Horwood of UDC who came up with some Christmas memories and even a special Christmas brochure.

Derek remembers:

“My dad used to take me and all the family to the Circus and fair at Olympia when we were children. The first part of the Boxing Day outing was to the Circus, but the second part was spent seeing to customers who were working the fair and Dad justified his visit by trying to drum up some business from them. He continued these visits until Mother put her foot down and said “no more” after the umpteenth time! I must have been about 8 or 9 when it all started to take place.”
Michael remembers:
Thought you would like the XMAS advert from 1973 plus another advert in the same year. Those of us in the video boom of the 70’s will have great memories of those early days (see link below)I also have a interesting story from 1963.In those fays Bertram Mills staged a Winter Circus at Olympia. There was also a indoor Fairground and amusement machines provided by the Botton Family. I was very friendly and still am with Albert Bottons’ son in law Jimmy Jones. This was back in the days of Phonographic Equipment. We installed a 40 player Mayfield Grand Prix for Jimmy at the fair. I would visit at least twice a week to see how it was doing and also to have lunch with Jimmy in the special restaurant.One day he introduced me to the Elephant Trainer, who said that if we come back at midnight he would show us something quite amazing. Naturally we were intrigued by this, so we did go back as he had suggested. He took us to the area the Elephants lived in when not performing. They were all asleep except one whom was standing. The trainer told  us to wait for wait for about thirty minutes and you will see the one standing will lie down and as he does another one will stand up. Lo and behold we saw it happen. The trainer told us this how they live in the wild and one elephant is always on guard. The interesting thing is that they have an inbuilt alarm clock as it happens precisely every thirty minutes.

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