Stuart Keane meets the Queen – pictures


Please find attached some photos of the opening by the Queen & Prince Philip. after the opening  a few of the University & civic dignitaries had Lunch with the Queen & The DoE. as did my wife Lynn & I. after the lunch The Duke abandoned the Queen as they were leaving the hall and made a beeline to me! He had noticed that I had a flashing “I AM So Excited ” badge on, saying to me ”Haven’t the batteries gone on that Dar’n thing yet!” to which I replied “No your highness, it works on body heat”  to roars of laughter from our table he replied waving his arms in a downward motion” Well calm down then,Calm down” He then turned round to look for the Queen who he should have been with, and she was just leaving the room , so he dashed after her no doubt to a rollicking?
Every one else in the room asked me what he had said, I told them that “He was after cadging my flashing badge! and that I had offered to swap him it for two tickets to the Royal Wedding- and that he was going to think about it!” They all believed me.

The song ” Only One Minute More” was written & recorded by a friend of mine (& has given the royalties to SIF), who had un-be-knowing  gleamed out of me how I had felt when I first knew that Shaun had been diagnosed with this death sentence of a horrible disease. I am trying to get a famous singer to record this for the Sheffield Institute Foundation so far without success, but I will keep trying. I should imagine anyone would feel like I did when they realize that a loved one has got a life threatening disease like MND.


Stuart Keane,
To the Sheffield Institute Foundation,
for Research into Motor Neurone Disease, SMA,
Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s & Other Neurological Disorders.
M 07737534918-H 0113 2666146

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