The Seeburg Jukebox Story: Freddy Bailey, industry historian


 In 1963 The Seeburg Corporation opened up in London, how many  Coin-Op Community readers can remember the General Manager Peter Groom, and Jack (Cameron) Gordon, the Seeburg president who had his roots in Scotland?  I truly believe that my old friend Jack Gordon contributed more to the advancement of the modern day jukebox from 1955 with the introduction of the extended play record (known as the E.P.) enabling jukebox operators to get more for the price of play .

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Do you remember The Seeburg Jukebox Company in the U


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Yes I do rember the Seeburg Mustang, Electra, 480 and the Showcase, well built products.


peter weir
30/11/2011, 17:59

I worked for Seeburg from 1973 to 1978. Went on the road with Jack Gordon many times.
Last time I saw Jack was in Redodo Beach. He was with Sega Company. Spent time with him and wife Murial. I was glad to know many of people with Seeburg and distributors. I now work for Agfa repairing printing machines. I still keep intouch with the few Seeburg employees left.
I drive by the old building and think of the good times I had there. Write back to me. It would be good to talk about Seeburg.

Ed Urgitis

Edward Urgitis
Chicago Illinois
14/01/2013, 01:23

Have a few good Ed urgitis stories. One of the best was when we sold a Seeburg to a guy that moved it to FL and it wouldn’t work. When he called Ed Ed told him to put the phone next to the play mechanism so he could hear what it was doing. After listening for a few minutes Ed told him what to do to fix it. Happy customer!

john o'leary
12/08/2014, 00:07

Hi John O’Leary John I see your comment and would like to hear from you.You can call me at 630-530-7479 and leave your number for me.
Would like to catch up on the people we know.
Good to hear from you Ed Urgitis

Ed Urgitis
Elmhurst Illinois
10/01/2015, 16:35

To Mr. Urgitis,

I am trying to locate former employees of Seeburg Corporation. I’m researching some of their products and would appreciate any assistance you, or they, might be able to provide. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

swankliving”@” (leave out the ” marks)

Steve Risley
Tucson, Arizona
01/03/2015, 22:31

Hi. My grandfather, Arvid O. Dahlstrom, patented the mechanism within the Seeburg Audiophone E jukebox. I was hoping to learn more information regarding the jukebox as well as find out if you would know of anyone who is looking to sell one. I would love to have one as a piece of family history.



Karl Dahlstrom
Chicago, IL
06/02/2016, 21:48

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