Quicksilver – Harry Levy Amusements



This was the first machine to go on general offer bearing the Levy name. QUICKSILVER was a pusher with a choice of four play positions licensed as two. It was a machine that added new choice to the pusher market and it sold well.


Quicksilver was followed by other pushers such as Silver Jackpot. Circus Circus, Showboat, Merlin Magic and a lot more.




Does anyone still have a Quicksilver on site? If so, we would love to know about it!


Please send any details to steph@coin-opcommunity.co.uk

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greeting, I have coin ( Piece of metal copper)… written on it these words…Harry Levy, Merlin magic,
and in the other side show boat with Engraved of old Boat….I;am from Palestine-Hebron city, is it worth for you

15/07/2012, 13:47

Dear Steph,
I believe that you are looking for the above coin.
The one I have is a rather large coin; on oneside at the top it has the writing Harry Levy, in the middle an engraving of the showboat with one star engraved either side of it and then at the bottom the word SHOWBOAT. On the otherside of the coin is the name of J.B. Jones.
Let me know if this is the one that you are looking for. Nicole T. Webb

Coin-Op Community
17/11/2015, 14:06

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