B3 is luring players from LBOs says Nick Harding


Praesepe Chief Executive Nick Harding believes that the new B3 games in his sites are luring players away from LBOs.

“We are now starting to finesse the new (B3) games, making adjustments to programmes to ensure that the games are right for our players and there is no doubt that we are starting to see players coming back from the local bookmakers into our venues to play these new games,” he says.

“This work will continue well into next year but the important thing is that this is the first ‘positive’ that we have seen for four years and I hope that it will give us that pump priming effect that has been long overdue.”

Harding also has praise for the new rules on siting the machines.

“The other aspect of this deregulation is the move from a fixed four or eight machines in each venue (AGC and Bingo Clubs) to a formulaic approach of 1 B3 to every 4 category C or D. This is a much more sensible approach and one which means that we can remove the silly subdivisions that we had been forced to licence at larger venues and to put the machine lounges back to the layouts that we had pre the implementation of the act in 2007/ A very good example of this is The Crystal Rooms in Leicester Square which has been transformed by the removal of the partition walls and has been restored to its former glory,” he adds.

In other Praesepe news, the company’s ‘Bingo Express™’ product is now operational at 35 venues across the UK (not all Cashino) and is being well received by players at every location.

“It is ground-breaking equipment that allows the company to run any venue, large or small, as a proper Bingo club and was conceived, designed and implemented by us and a small coterie of other operators and to which we hold the intellectual rights. We aim to have the product available at 250 venues around the UK by the end of 2012 and anticipate some very large pooled prize money being available to players,” says Harding.

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