Steve Perkins has Gone Crazy (By Ian Eason)


Industry legend Steve Perkins has recently joined Lincolnshire based Instance Automatics as their Senior Sales Executive, (senior being like OLD!)

Ian Eason of Crane, Redemption & Vending specialists Instance Automatics states that Steve Perkins must be going out of his mind wanting to come and work with us.

Speaking of Steve`s recent appointment, the company`s Ian Eason commented “Don’t know why Steve wanted to come here, the wages are poor, the working conditions cruel and  the hours mega long and we won’t pay his £200 per day beer allowance,  that’s why I presume he`s gone nuts as no one sane would put up with it!”

“On a serious note Steve will be a massive plus for us as a company, he knows all the right people and  is able to walk into most places and be seen without an appointment, he`s at the top of his game”. “I have personally known him for around 25 years & hold him in very high esteem”.

We as a company have evolved dramatically over the last few years and Steve will be part of our next step, we have some great product coming through for the next EAG Exhibition and we are all really looking forward to Steve being with us.

Steve will also continue to market the highly successful Unis range of novelty & redemption equipment supplied by PMT sales.

Steve can be contacted on his mobile: 07931 386682 or by e-mail:



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