Back when we were young!


Coin-op Community asked celebrated industry photographer Norman Leftly to dig through his extensive archives for some pictures of you all. Scroll down to see if you are included. Click on the photos to see them in full.

Bill Ruffler

Freddy Bailey

Joe Dillon and friends

Julian Goicoa

Michael Green

Norman Leftly and John Brennan

Nolan Bushnell & Bill Cravens

Siegfried Dattl Jr

Vic Leslie

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Great Photos Norman. I am privileged to e included, however who is the lady on the photo with me, looks like Anne but I am not sure? Please advise, otherwise Hilary will start divorce proceedings

michael green
20/08/2011, 23:04

Nostalgic for my first boss: the fabulous Joe Dillon, I googled him and landed on your site, Norman. The two ladies with him are Christa Woss (marketing) and Lenore Sayers (sales) at Williams Bally/Midway and looks like it was taken right after an event. Thanks for posting. It was also great to see Cravens’ smiling face.

LJ Greene
12/02/2014, 05:24

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