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This month Joyce celebrates a few new births – around 10 newborns in the Lynch household and one or two in the Hession and Kirby families. In addition, she becomes a ‘pink rose’ after a visit to Yorkshire to see Sound Leisure… We think a pink rose describes Joyce perfectly!

Nice to see Oldham-based Innovative Technology on the receiving end of things for a change! Innovative has long since been a proud sponsor of The One Oldham Business Awards, which is an event that has received resounding success since it was formed.  A presentation luncheon event was held recently to thank the sponsors of this event and it was David Bellis that received the award on behalf of Innovative Technology, and from the photograph in the local newspaper I can now see who ‘Smiley’ was modelled on!  Anyway well done to Innovative Technology and you truly deserve to be recognised.


Staying with Oldham, I was pleased to see that local entrepreneurs Mohammmed Naveem and Mohammed Raheim have  transformed an old shabby brick building in Oldham into a modern centre called the Oldham Leisure Lounge, which incorporates new snooker and pool tables, games machines, private rooms for parties, a non alcoholic bar and a gigantic HD television.  The lounge offers free entrance and age for admittance is from 11 years upwards.  Going back in history this former building was once a cinema, then became a nightclub with live entertainers in fact The Beatles even appeared here.  Best of luck with new venture boys and it should give the youngsters of the town something to do and find exciting at the same time. Mind you they have further ideas in the pipeline, the next one being to build a roller skating rink in which was formerly Riley’s Snooker Hall.


On a recent train journey to London, a young man came and sat next to me and we just got chatting, as you do, and I kept looking at him thinking I seem to know this person, and as the conversation progressed I realised who it was Lucien Laviscount.  For those of you that watch the BBC series Waterloo Road, Lucien was the actor that played he role of Jonah Kirby, he also starred in a recent episode of New Tricks and what a pleasant young man he turned out to be.


Well it took me 8 years to keep my promise to Sound Leisure, and I eventually did accept their offer of lunch and would like to thank Alan and Chris Black together with Janet Brown for making my visit so informative and enjoyable.  The only thing now is that I have had to change ‘rose colours’ no longer a red one for Lancashire – or a white one for Yorkshire, I feel I am now a ‘pink rose’ that way I keep neutral.


Staying with Sound Leisure, their likeable delivery driver Glynn White has been unwell now for many months, and he has decided to hang up his ‘Knight Of The Road’ boots. This is a shame as all of us that know Glynn will miss him.  Glynn has been a very important part of the industry for many years, and had it not been for him and his wagon reliably delivering jukeboxes to numerous locations, many of them would have had to remain silent.  Hope you and Elaine enjoy your retirement and may it be a long and happy one, and please don’t be a stranger, as you’ll always have a place in our hearts.


Thanks also to Carnaby Gaming’s  Maggie and Derek Lynch and Radical Shock’s Ian Jamieson for my enjoyable visit to them. A great time was had by all, and the icing on the cake was that Maggie and Derek’s golden retriever dog, Darcy, had given birth to 10 adorable puppies, 5 bitches and 5 dogs, they were just 2 weeks old and so full of life.


I’m sure you would all like to join me in wishing Radical Shock’s Ian Jamieson all good wishes in his retirement. He has been a long standing member of the amusement trade for many years, and in fact in next month’s column I will be giving you an insight into Ian’s time in the industry.  You will be greatly missed Ian.  At the same time I would like to welcome Ian’s replacements they are Keith Gibberson and Mike Anderson, and believe it or not Keith went to the same school as Ian but was in a junior class, and Keith’s father was also Arthur Jamieson’s (Ian’s late father) bank manager – talk about a small world!


Congratulations to Sound Sense Electronic’s Doreen and Doug Hession who have become ‘Great Grandparents’ to their new great grandson Kieran, they are both so happy and excited about the new arrival, and they are hoping soon they might get asked to do baby sitting, just to keep their hands in of course!!


We all know that Doug Hession and Barry Kirby ex NSM have been friends and friendly rivals for many years, and guess what Barry and his wife Denise are awaiting to become grandparents again, their daughter Victoria who lives in Scotland is due to give birth any day soon now.  Mind you Barry looks like Doug won this one, the Hession baby was born first and also becoming Great Grandparents first too.


Stuart Keane was a name that most people in the industry know. He had a company called Wamstar International and – amongst other things – sold and installed Kentucky Derby. Well I was speaking with Stuart and he told me a funny story.  He and his wife Lynn ware recently at luncheon at Sheffield University for the opening of the Shaun Keane Library in memory of their late son Shaun. After lunch the Duke of Edinburgh made a beeline for Stuart as he was wearing a flashing badge that said ‘I Am So Excited’ (which as we all know is typical of Stuart who is famous for his one legged suits at BACTA Balls). The Duke of Edinburgh asked Stuart if the batteries hadn’t gone down on the darn badge, to which Stuart replied, “No your Highness it works on body heat’ which was met by roars of laughter from the luncheon table.  Not to be beaten, the Duke of Edinburgh started waving his arms in a downward motion saying, ‘Well calm down then, calm down’ after which he turned round to look for the Queen and she was just leaving the room, so he dashed after her. No doubt Her Majesty was not amused!!  Anyway I will give you more information on what Stuart is up to in another column, and how you could possibly help him.

By the time you are reading this I will be doing penance, I am on jury duty for at least 2 weeks, hope I get a nice juicy case to decide on, but knowing my luck it will be someone taken to court for petty motoring offences or similar.  I am not keen to go it upsets my routine, but if I don’t attend I risk a fine of £1000, and I would be coming round to you all with the hat then!!


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