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Sound Sense’s Doug Hession has been in the wars recently, he was erecting some shelving at the works unit when he slipped off the ladder and a piece of wood fell on top of him. He has apparently been in severe pain following this accident, but says now he is feeling a little better.  Our best wishes go to you Doug and we hope you’ll soon be A1 again, and maybe next time you should get Doreen to hold the ladder for you, or better still maybe it might be safer if she erected the shelving in future!

Many of us stalwarts of the industry will remember Hal and Eleanor Eldridge of Majormatics. Hal unfortunately died many years ago, but he was one of the industry’s real characters for many years.  On the other hand his wife Eleanor is very much alive and kicking, and she would like to send her best wishes to all their friends and acquaintances in the industry, and she says she often reminisces about the Majormatic days, and the happy times they had in the industry.

Stade Developments Adrian Moor and his family have recently moved back to Hastings from Scarborough and his wife Katharine says it’s been a great move for them and Adrian appears to have more time to spare, in fact she feels she’s got her husband back again, and she likes it.  Well done  Katharine on getting Charlie’s school sorted out the way you wanted for him and getting rid of the problems. She is obviously a lady not to be messed with, and goes out and wins what she feels is right. Good for you, keep it up!

I understand that Sound Leisure’s Alan and Chris Black and their families have been on a Mediterranean cruise recently. This quite surprised me, as Chris is even queasy at the thoughts of the crossing to Ireland let alone cruising.  Hope you managed to get you sea legs working for ok Chris, and even more so that you all enjoyed your family holiday.

 A few weeks ago Ireland’s Ann Casey was in bed when the telephone rang and it was Jeffrey Ratledge (Pauline Ratledge’s son who lives with Ann and Jim in Ireland) and Jeffrey wanted Ann to collect him as he couldn’t get a taxi.  Despite the late hour and the distance she agreed and set off on her journey.  Ann hadn’t been travelling long when she noticed the Garda (police) behind her and they indicated for her to pull in, which she duly did. They then proceeded to check her driving licence and her vehicle whilst she sat in it.  They then asked her is she had been drinking, to which she replied ‘no’ and they then asked her to get out of the  car whilst they breathalysed her. But it was  the Garda got the shock, as Ann was wearing her dressing gown, joggers and slippers, as when Jeffrey had phoned her she thought it would be quicker to go like this than get dressed.  What a good job you hadn’t had a drink Ann as I’m sure when they saw the way you were dressed they thought they were on a sure thing.  I hope they didn’t keep you too long and that you were able to carry on with your ‘Good Samaritan’ deed, mind you I’ll bet you gave Jeffrey some stick when you did collect him, I’m glad I wasn’t in his shoes!!

Another blast from the past is Graham Maddox who I am sure will be remembered in the bingo sector.  Graham held the position of northern regional operations manager with Thomas’ before they sold to Rank, and Graham decided after a while to go it alone.  He purchased an amusement arcade in Longton, Stoke-On-Trent and guess what, when he sold it was to Rank!!  Graham then went to live in Scotland to pursue his fell walking, but he now pursues the sun as he’s finally moved to Cyprus.  Nice to know you’re still around Graham, and I am a wee bit envious of you living in Cyprus with all that sun, as I am somewhat of a sun worshipper myself.

 Best wishes to the well-known Burnham-On-Sea arcade operator Harry Parkin Snr who has undergone surgery for a heart operation, hope you’re on the mend now Harry and that we’ll soon see you back to full strength again soon.

On a brighter note, good to hear that Electrocoin’s Robert Brown is out of hospital and now back at home and feeling better in himself .The tests on Robert have been completed and he’s now receiving treatment for his condition, and hopefully this treatment will aid to his recovery, just keep taking the treatment and the tablets Robert as we need to see you back behind your desk at Electrocoin.

Well I know this day and age we are all wanting value for money but I think 8 hours on a white knuckle ride, is a little too much value.  Apparently 9 people aged from 9 to 49 had to be plucked from one of these rides that came to halt 60ft above ground, at Strathclyde Country Park, Motherwell. Well one thing’s for sure the riders couldn’t say they didn’t get excitement, and it was long-lasting too. Mind you hope there weren’t any vertigo sufferers on the ride at the time!

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