Ruffler and Deith and Bell-Fruit footie match – who are they?


Here is another team photo – but going back a few years. There are a number of people featured here who are still involved in the industry. Who are they? A prize will be given for the most complete answer….! (click on image to see it in full)

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In answer to your question re. who is still in the industry and what year, here are my thoughts: Standing 2nd from left is myself(John Edwards), 3rd from right is Keith Healey. Kneeling 1st from left with his Leo Sayer hairstyle is Martin Beck, 4th from left is Colin Mallery and the year I would guess at 1978 maybe 1979.
Also faces I recognise who I think have retired or no longer in the business are Dennis Rawlings, Chris Bannister, Barry Cossell and Roy Jackson.
John Edwards

John Edwards
Comax Trading Co. Ltd., UK
07/07/2011, 11:06

i worked for ruffler and deith 1977 to 1979 trainee video engineer the black guy is brian who worked for dmd and guy with big hair last on right is geoff who left to work for dyno rod i still talk to leo deith and simon deith who is in newyork i knew colin mallery well and he used to drive a big jag in 1999 last time i saw him i am vince

vince sciabica
25/11/2012, 11:24

I just happened on this photo. I am Dave Walsh from New Zealand ,front row, fifth from left. I actually organised and captained this team, worked a few years for Ruffler & Deith in the spares dept. We were 1-0 down against Bell Fruit, then I scored a superb equaliser (Ha Ha!) and we went on to win 7-1. Can’t remember the names but do fondly recall the legendary poker games at Colin Mallory”s!

Dave Walsh
J. Arthur Traders
26/12/2017, 04:14

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