Nothing gets past Joyce!


We have always known that Joyce has a keen eye and a great ear for a story. She used these to good effect at the recent Park Avenue Open Day!

Well another year and another Park Avenue Open Day, and I would like to thank John Stergides of Electrocoin and his staff, the various sponsors and also the many exhibitors at this event for making the day successful, and a pleasure to attend. Not forgetting UDC who also participate in the event and always are very hospitable, thanks to them too.  It was also nice to see so many visitors on the day, despite the rain showers and the doom and gloom around, everyone appeared to have smiling faces and be in a happy frame of mind.

Here are some jottings from the event:

One person missing from the Open Day this year was Harry Levy’s Colin Mallery who is one of the stalwarts of the event, he was apparently away on holiday, I was told he was in the Channel Islands, but I’m not too sure on this, wherever it was Colin hope you enjoyed it, but you were missed.

Another regular missing was Westminster Automatics Trevor Longley, he was sunning himself in Zante, Greece, and according to his partner Steve Brown it will be his turn next for holidays, he’s off to Turkey then off to Kenya, and he also tells me he’s now driving a Bentley, and Steve was telling me times were hard for them, not sure if I believe you or not Steve, but whatever enjoy the hols and the Bentley.

Good to Ireland’s Ann and Jim Casey, and Jim looked quite well and at one time during the day he was sat at the entrance holding court, that’s ‘Our Jim.’  During our chatting time Jim mentioned his company of many years ago Gayton Games who were based in Northampton and also their successful machine Lucky Eggs which was one of the first machines of it’s type around in the l970’s, and he was wondering if anyone has got one of the original chickens from the Lucky Eggs, he’s got capsules and he would love to get hold of one of the chickens, if anyone can help perhaps they would contact me and I will let Jim know, thanks and here’s hoping..

Coin-Op News’s John Purcell and Susan Feery arrived at the Open Day early, in fact even before it opened, so they must have left the Emerald Isle on an early morning flight, now was this dedication I wonder or did they want to be the first in the queue for the barbecue which we all know is Cummins Allison’s Robert Clarke’s place of pride.  Anyway John and Susan hope you had a successful day and a good journey home.

Mentioning Robert Clarke, this year he lost his pride of place for the barbecue and he was only 4th in line for it, you must be slipping Robert, you’ll just have to sharpen your reactions Robert or next year you could end up at the back of the queue, God forbid!!

Staying with Robert he won a raffle prize and he was over the moon with it, the prize was a cuddly toy version of Shaun the Sheep, and he treated us (not too sure if it was a treat)  by singing the signature tune to the same programme.  Anyway whatever, and the way Robert was cuddling Shaun I have a feeling it will be his new companion and his children will be lucky if they get the cuddly toy at all, mind you we all know Robert is a big kid at heart.

I am amazed as how Suzo’s John Vallis keeps his slim frame as he was seen with 2 plates of food at the same time, and was to all accounts thoroughly enjoying them.  I suppose you’ll be telling me next you’re a growing lad, you will be for sure with 2 plates of food at once!!

Nice to see Electrocoin’s Andrew Murden and to hear him back in full voice after his earlier troubles with his voice box.  A quiet Andrew was something we were not used to and was unheard of, but alls well that ends well, and I suppose that you’ll be back on the cabaret circuit before too long if you’re not there already.

Another person in fine voice was Tom Pugh who treated myself and some friends to a rendition of There’s An Awful Lot Of Coffee In Brazil plus My Way, and Tom informs me that he’s back doing shows again and he’s enjoying it, good luck to you Tom and long may the shows continue.

A face from the past at the event was Dave Ellis of Eurotek Designs, Dave has been in the industry many years with different companies, and he informs me that he’s working exclusively with Harry Levy and that we should keep our eyes open for their new 3 player X-Terminator ticket redemption machine, he says its fabulous.

The final jotting from the event concerns Electrcoin’s Robert Brown, who has been at the company for over 20 years and always welcomes everyone to the Open Day, well sadly this year Robert wasn’t around.  Robert had been on holiday to Hungary, and had felt unwell but as we all do had shrugged it off but on his return to work he became ill at the office and was taken from there to the hospital where he is still undergoing some tests.  Best wishes to you Robert, hope you’ll soon be fit and well again, and that we’ll see you back at Electrcoin before too long.


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