Michael sells machines for leprechauns?


Many years ago, Bally built a machine called World Cup, which was very similar to a UK machine called Mini Soccer. Mini Soccer could not be bought by operators as the company only wanted to operate their machines on shares in Pubs.

I sold a Bally machine to Rueben Merrick who in those days had a large arcade in Nairn.

The day after it was delivered, I got a telegram (no e-mails in those days), the message was. “Please send Knee Pads as no legs came with the machine and players’ knees are getting very sore”. Rueben had a great sense of humour, and he got the legs the next day.

By the way Mini Soccer did change their policy after the Bally machine was launched.

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I have a mini soccer coin operated machine made in england. mini soccer ltd made in england patent 1.051.371 this is on the glass top .Could this be one of the machines in your article? regards peter.It is over 30 years old

peter rowland
16/07/2011, 09:59

Hello Peter – thanks for your comment. I will check with Michael and see whether you have the real deal! Maybe it is worth something, you never know… ! Either way, it is great to hear from a reader all the way from Australia. All the best – Steph

16/07/2011, 18:29

Hi Peter, Mini Soccer made in the UK was never sold to operators it was only available on shares by the manufacturer. This caused problems and that is why Bally built their version which quickly became a best seller.

Mchael Green
United Distributing
16/07/2011, 18:51

Hi Michael – what machine do you think Peter has got? Is it one of the ones that was only available on shares? Are these games worth anything these days? He says it was manufactured in the UK.
Thanks so much for answering so quickly

16/07/2011, 19:24

I have a UK mini soccer also
how rare are these games?

Bob Hollingshead
new jersey USA
15/11/2011, 00:15

I have one of these machines on it’s way to me from the UK. It was 65 pounds at auction. I don’t think many people know about these machines, I think it will be a very cool coin-op game to have. Two pence was introduced in 1971 so I figured it must be an early 70′s game.

Chris Rushworth
Briz, Australia
15/05/2012, 02:57

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