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I liked Colin’s story last week and I had a similar experience in a Barber shop just around the corner from the Café Colin writes about.

Here is another cafe story that is very amusing.

The late Eric Jacobs and I had to install a Hideaway Juke Box in a Café in Fulham Road. Just in case you are not to0 sure, in those days Hideaway boxes were very popular as the main Box was built into a wooden cabinet that could be place in an area not used for business, and a selector box was mounted on a wall in the cafe itself.

We were in the basement of this salubrious location and saw there were chickens running around quite freely. As we were carrying on with the installation the owner of the café ran down the stairs and slaughtered one of the chickens. We asked why and he said “There is a  customer upstairs who
has ordered Chicken and chips so I need to prepare it quickly.

This is a true story, that we talked about for many years.

Sadly Eric died a few years ago and has been sadly missed by the industry

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There were so many comical situations in those early day’s of the swinging 1960′s.Firstly like Miichael said, Eric Jacobs is sadly missed, a good friend who had a great sense of humour, I remember one time at the AMOA show in Chicago one time in the early 1980′s, Eric and I were in the the bar at the Hyatt Hotel, I had a very British looking suit of clothes on, this young American operator from Tennessee came up to us and said “Are you all from England ? ” I said yes, he then asked if we would have a drink with him, he then said to the bartender “Give us two bottles of Jack Daniels, no glasses, I said to this young man “is this what you call fire water in Tennessee” he said yes and we quickly drank the two bottles,
I then said to this guy “In Europe we drink real fire water, and I called the bartender over and said “Give us a bottle of Sambuca” I then poured two glasses of Sambuca and set fire to them, I dipped my fingers into my glass and they came out on fire, I immediatly put them into my mouth and extinguished them, I then challenged the young Tennessee operator to do the same, he put his fingers in his glass and tried to do the same as I had done, not knowing the secret of the trick, his moustache court fire and | grabbed a soda sythan and sqirted it in his face to put the fire out. He immediately got a little aggressive, and a scuffle broke out between us, I had this guy in an arm lock on the floor, Eric said “Freddy, let him go!” I said “Call the security, if let him go he will kill both of us”. After every thing calmed down, the drink that we had consumed started to hit us, Eric was very concerned with the drunken state that I was in, and procceeded to escort me back to my hotel, I had a briefcase with a large amount of cash in it, as we were walking along the corridor of my hotel, in my drunken state, I grabbed Eric’s toupee and threw it onto a chandelere in the hotel. not so funny but Eric took it all in fun. I must also add that I missed the rest of the AMOA show and was in bed for serveral day’s when I returned home.

Crazy but good days

Freddy Bailey, I miss you Eric.

Freddy Bailey
25/05/2011, 14:58

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