The Blackpool Cake Fight


Last week’s story from Colin brings back many memories of the Imperial Hotel and the Blackpool shows. I remember that night very well. Everything was fun in those days and things happened then that could not happen now. On that subject here is another story about the Imperial that also includes Alan Wilson.

It was in the late 70’s and once again we were at the Imperial hotel for the Blackpool Show. On the last day (Thursday) it snowed quite heavily in the afternoon, which meant most exhibitors had to spend another night in Blackpool.

As the show was over we were all in a joyous state and as result spent a few fluid hours in the bar. We then went to the Louis Room, which was an upmarket grill room aside from the hotel’s main restaurant. It was a elegant room that sat about 50 diners on tables of four or six. The room was totally occupied by our group and everyone was enjoying a good steak dinner washed down with even more of the hard stuff.

After most of us had completed our main course Alan came up to me and asked if I would like tom play Cardinal Puff. I won’t go into the details of how the game is played as many people know. Suffice it to say it involves the two players in some serious drinking, that we both managed. As you can imagine we were now rather drunk. As we stopped the game I saw the desert Trolley full of rather exotic dishes many of which had cream or custard. I then fulfilled a lifelong ambition and picked up a rather large trifle and tipped it up over Alan’s head. He then retaliated and within a a minute we had gone through the entire contents of the Trolley. By this time the other diners had cleared a space for us and there were people at the two doorways to the restaurant. As everyone was enjoying the spectacle I asked the head waiter to bring more desserts and gave him £10 for himself and told him to charge them to my bill. These were with us almost immediately and did not take long to be used up. After we finished we both collapsed in a drunken state and I had to be carried to my room and put to bed after a shower to remove the debris.

The following morning I eventually came downstairs and sat in the lounge with several cups of strong black coffee. I was approached by the head waiter and my immediate thought was that he was going to complain about the behaviour of the guest in the Louis Room. He said, “Mr Green, I have worked here for twenty years and last night was the best night we have ever had. I was most relieved. I then checked out of the hotel and got rather a nasty surprise when I saw the cost of all the desserts. A few days later I received a trophy sent to me by Ray levy who had a company called A1 Stores and was a supplier of records to Juke Box operators. It was engrave as follows. To commemorate the destruction of the Louis by Michael Green and Alan Wilson. I still have the trophy and know Alan still has his.

As I said happy days.


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