Colin’s winning streak!


We have got a cracking story for you this week, dusted down from Colin’s memory vaults about an incident in Blackpool. The story does involve nudity, so those of a nervous or squeamish disposition should perhaps stop reading now!

“One night a good few years ago, a gang of us were sitting in the bar at the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool having a few drinks, when we got talking about a woman who had stripped off and streaked at some football match.

I think it was Barry Noble or one of the crowd who had seen it on the television that day and we were laughing about it, when – as you do – we ended up having a bet. They challenged Alan Wilson and myself to streak through the lobby of the Imperial Hotel and jump into the swimming pool.

Now the Imperial Hotel was quite smart in those days and we were not sure it was a very good idea but after a few more drinks to steady the nerves, Alan and I decided to give it a go. We went up to our rooms which were on the second to top floor and emerged a few moments later in our birthday suits – with the addition of a couple of accessories. I had a sock to hide my blushes and Alan was sporting a strategically placed cigarette packet!

It was a long way down to the lobby from our rooms, and we gave quite a few people a shock two naked athletic guys passing them on the stairs was quite an unusual sight at the Imperial . But the best moment of all came when we scuttled past the Banqueting Suite. With perfect comic timing the doors flung open and out came the Lord Mayor of Blackpool and his Lady Mayoress in formal dress with their chains of office and a large entourage of local dignitaries.

Alan and I paused for a moment to take in their shocked faces before streaking past the ballroom and into the leisure centre. We leapt into the pool and then dripping wet ran for our lives back up to our rooms.

The next morning, I was sat quietly eating my breakfast in the restaurant when the hotel manager came over and asked me whether I was one of the streakers from the previous night. I confess I denied any knowledge of the incident and the matter was dropped. And even though we won the bet – we never got paid!”

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I had forgot about that night (it must have been the wine) however I will send Colin my £5 who else will own up?

Ray Wells
27/04/2011, 12:17

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