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Here we bring you a second installment of our popular column from bubbly Joyce Todd, who this month has ended up with her picture on the side of some police vans. We assure you this has nothing to do with her drug dealing antics of last month’s column – it is in recognition of her good works in the local area!

“Sorry to have to report the death of George Weir, George played a prominent role for many years in ASI (Amusement Services Ireland) and then moved to other companies. George was just like ‘Father Christmas’ with his big beard and an even larger personality, and one could always be sure where to find him at the bar with a glass in his hand, a full glass I may add, I never saw George with an empty glass. Sorry you have left us George, but I know you will be up to mischief as always in your new abode.

Staying with ASI and Brian Devlin who was the owner of the company, again a popular and well known person in the industry for many years, Brian is now in New Zealand and has a specialist chocolate manufacturing business.  Brian shares the same birthday with me, and we have always kept contact, and during the recent earthquake suffered there, Brian was clear of it and didn’t suffer any loss at all.  Nice to have good news sometimes, there’s enough doom and gloom about.

Sound Leisure’s Alan and Chris Black were delighted to receive the Mark Sinnott award for the best new product at the recent AMEX show, and I am assured by them that this award will hold pride of place in their new trophy cabinet for the next 12 months before it has to be returned to the next recipient of the award.  Oh and by the way boys I will definitely be making the trip from the ‘Red Rose County’ to the ‘White Rose County’ this year to see you, I promise or is it a threat? You have it in writing so there is no going back for me now!!

I would also like to thank Alan Meats of Sound Leisure for his help and patience with me at AMEX, Alan provided me with a microphone for the raffle and we had to mess about trying to get the location for it sorted out, but of course with a professional like Alan, he soon sorted the matter out, and all went to plan on the night.

Good to see industry veteran Jim Casey looking so well at AMEX, Jim had suffered a serious illness, but obviously from the looks of him all that is behind him now.  Jim was accompanied by Pauline Ratledge who has been their long trusted friend for many years, in fact Pauline’s late father Tony worked for Jim and Anne for numerous years.  They really are like one big happy family, and all take care of each other, could do with more of this these days, the world is very selfish now I’m afraid.

Northern Ireland’s Colin Pritchard (ex JHS) won 3 bottles of champagne in the Barnardos raffle at AMEX and he obviously could tell I was a ‘Champagne Lady’ as he kindly gave me a bottle of it. Just to say many thanks Colin and rest assured I raised my glass to you whilst enjoying  the bubbly.

As most of you know over the years I have been heavily involved with the government scheme NDC in my area, and have made numerous DVD’s and have spoken at meetings on their behalf, well now my fame has spread, but I’m not sure if it’s in the right direction.  This time I have been contacted by the police who want to put a large photo and some words from me on the side of their ad vans, I have agreed, I only hope it’s not really a ‘Wanted Poster’ and I end up in the rogues gallery!!  Mind you know the saying no publicity is bad publicity, I’ll let you know later if I agree with this.

Nice to see Mecca Bingo in Oldham participated in Marie Curie’s Cancer Care’s Great Daffodil Appeal, they organised a range of events ranging from charity auctions, yellow themed days and street collections, all in the hope fo helping the charity raising £5.5 million this year.  Apparently Marie Curie’s Cancer Care is Mecca’s chosen charity for this year and are committed to raising as much money as they can for the charity.  Good luck and hope you are very successful, as I’m sure you will be as bingo players are usually generous when it comes to supporting charity and good causes.”

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