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HC Terminals Richard Long played Santa once again donating all the prizes mainly cuddly toys that he has won in cranes and grab machines in local hostelries in his area but he also has the odd flutter or two when he goes on holiday. Then he donates the prizes to Radio Aires Cash For Kids Mission Christmas Campaign who ensure that all kids in the local area wake up on Christmas morning with a present, which some without the kindness of Richard and other people would not have a present to open. Richard had a happy childhood and also had lots of presents especially at Christmas but even at this early age he did know that some poor children did not get at least one present, and he thought that must be dreadful. Richard’s kindness has spread in his local area and people are now actually coming to him with donations for the campaign which is great and so far in 2017 he himself had donated over 100 toys to this worthy campaign.  Well done Richard, you should be very proud of yourself and if the world had more people like you around what a better world it would be.

Staying with HC Terminals but this time with Bob Hepworth who tells me he’s got the DIY bug, he apparently saw a bench in Majorca that he really liked but he didn’t like the price of it, so he decided in his wisdom to have a go at making one. Job now complete at a fraction of the cost and he tells me it also looks good too, only trouble is now he keeps on wanting to make things, maybe we will see you starting up a DIY business in the future, one never knows, not ‘Bob The Builder’ but ‘Bob The Handyman.’

Bob has also got himself an electric bike and he cycles 28km each to work, again he says he has also become addicted to his electric bike. Well it must be doing you good Bob as you looked fit and healthy at EAG – who knows keep the cycling up and you’ll maybe making your journey to the 2019 EAG on your electric bike – mind you rather you than me, I’m afraid I’m built for comfort not for style!!

The mind boggles at what Harry Levy’s Richard Walters gets up to on his holidays, well he certainly got up to something on his recent holiday to Thailand as you can see from the photo, and to think Richard, I always thought you were a very quiet and subdued young man, just goes to show what I know!!! Mind you I have a feeling that his colleague Mick Kennedy could have had something to do with this as he was on holiday in Thailand at the same time as Richard and we all know how persuasive Mick can be.

Westminster Automatics has a new recruit on board and we say welcome to Matt Longley the son of the well known Trevor Longley of Westminster Automatics, just you follow in your Dad’s footsteps Matt and you won’t go wrong, but at the same time make your own stamp on business too. Anyone out there that is looking for fruit machines, pool tables, jukeboxes etc and would like to deal with a true genuine family business then why not give Westminster Automatics on 01992 570 333

I’m sure World or Rides David Robinson must have shares in a spectacle frame manufacturer, as every year I see him at EAG he sports a different spectacle frame, and when I say different I mean different not only in style but in colour and believe me these do vary very much. . I just hope that you are not trying to disguise yourself David because if you are it is not working, you are still the same loveable old David. I am also pleased that you enjoyed the Italian restaurant I recommended to you and that you had the fabulous John Dory fish. I’ve told you before to listen to me and you’ll be ok, well with some things anyway!!

Nice to see Ferrymatics Ray Wells at EAG  he had apparently been talking to Roger Withers before EAG and tried to get him to come to the show with him, well this eventually worked and he and Roger came, though Roger was doubtful that people would even remember him. What a shock he was in for whilst walking around the show with Ray people were coming over to them both and shaking their hands, in fact poor Roger eventually went home with a very sore thumb, but both had a great day in fact Ray even ventured for a 2nd day, talk about a glutton for punishment, but I did notice he kept his hands in his pockets for most of the day. Hope that’s not put you off coming again next year Roger as it is always a pleasure to see people who have played a large part in our industry like Ray and yourself.

Talking with Tony Brookes of Swansea-based Jabro Games he also brought back memories of a name from the past, Tony said he was in a supermarket in Wales when he bumped into Harold Phillips who for many years was a somewhat supremo at ACE. Harold didn’t recognise Tony at first but then when Tony reminded him that he used to work for him some years ago at ACE it was as if an electric light had been switched on and he then remembered him, Harold according to Tony looked well they had a chat then continued with the most important thing the shopping!!

Good to see Perth based Fair City Amusements Alan Campbell at EAG as always he looked a million dollars and he never seems to age. Come on now Alan what is your secret and don’t tell me it’s Oil of Ulay?

Electrocoin’s Kevin Weir was in the wars at he fell over a roll of carpet at EAG and subsequently hurt his hand and his back, but he didn’t let these stop him working and selling hard at EAG, what a trouper you are Kevin.

Sound Leisure’s Michael Black was missing from EAG as his wife Susie was due to give birth to their 2nd child, and as we all know Michael is a real family man and wouldn’t want to be away for this lovely event. Thanks to Sound Leisure’s Nigel French for his kind and welcome hospitality on their stand at EAG, you really were a life saver Nigel.

Staying with Sound Leisure hope by now Chris Black is feeling much better, he was under the weather somewhat after EAG, but hardly surprising as he’d been away with the family on a skiing holiday to Bulgaria over Christmas, then to another exhibition before EAG so things do catch up with you Chris, no matter how young you think you are!!

Nice to see the latest powered wheelchair presentation funded from the industry’s gaming charity CHIPS at EAG to 4 year old Shakira-Leigh Jolley from Quorn, Leicestershire. Shakira who suffers from Cerebral Palsy which greatly affects her balance and has mobility limitations for her due to the fact that she frequently falls over and this results in the fact that she has little or no independence, and she was unable to receive an NHS funded powered wheelchair.  The look of sheer joy on Shakira’s face when she sat in the chair and found out how to work it said it all, and she wanted to be off at once as she now had freedom, something which she has never had. Well done to CHIPS and Shakira just you now start to enjoy your life as much as you can because you are once hell of a little girl that truly deserves to do so.

I would like to say a special thanks to Bandai Namco’s Darrell Simmonds for all the help that he has given to me recently this is very much appreciated and it makes you a ‘Super Hero’ in my book, and I also feel what a great ambassador you are for your company.

Also special thanks to Whitehouse Leisure’s Graham Sheridan and Dransfields Alan Jackson and Trevor Roberts for all their invaluable help, again which was above and beyond the call of duty, you are ‘The Three Musketeers’ and three dashing ones too.

Further 80th birthday celebrations were the order of the day for Innovative Technology’s David Bellis  when a select party of 11 of David’s friends myself included and ITL’s company directors were invited along for dinner at The Savoy Hotel, London on the first day of ICE, and this truly was a great evening and I was very honoured to have been included. Other guests at the special dinner were David Snook, Gerald Steinberg, Tom Veitch, Tony Morrison, Peter Dunlop, Marcus Tiedt, Mustapha  Hadj-Ahmed and Bianca and Aldo Maggi who flew in from Rome specially for the celebrations. Lennie Ainsworth was also invited but he couldn’t make it but he sent his best wishes to all of us there and wished David a great evening. This was a superb evening and enjoyed by all and of course there was much reminiscing about the ‘Old Days’ as one would expect, roll on your 85th David then hopefully we can do it all over again.

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