EAG hosts latest CHIPS presentation


The biggest smile at last week’s EAG belonged to four year-old, Shakira-Leigh Jolley who became the latest recipient of a  powered wheelchair funded by the gaming industry charity, CHIPS.  Shakira, who has Cerebral Palsy which affects her balance and limits her mobility, received her bespoke chair at a presentation which took place on the middle day of the Bacta owned event.

Linda Lindsay, co-founder of CHIPS said: “I’m delighted to be able to make our latest presentation in front of the industry that has contributed so much to the CHIPS charity.  Since our formation in 2001 we have raised over £2m thanks to the wonderful generosity of our corporate supporters and their customers, the vast majority of whom are active in the UK gaming industry.  CHIPS chairs quite literally change lives, not only impacting  the individual but the family unit as a whole, comprising parents, carers, grandparents and siblings.
“Shakira’s condition means that she falls over frequently and as a result has little or no independence.  Despite this she is unable to receive an NHS funded chair. The sad reality is the demand for powered wheelchairs will always exceed our ability to supply them, but thanks to the outstanding compassion of the gaming industry we are able to give little girls like Shakira the gift of freedom that comes with mobility.”
CHIPS continues to set the highest fundraising standards with 100% of monies raised going towards the provision of powered wheelchairs for children throughout the United Kingdom

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