Joyce Joins the Community!


We have invited Joyce Todd to be a guest gossip columnist at Coin-op Community, adding some glamour to our proceedings! Here is her first article on the recent Dublin show. Did you realise that Joyce is actually an international drug dealer who uses Paul and Mark from Innovative Technology as her mules? You didn’t? Well – read on – you may be surprised!

“Welcome to my first gossip page with Coin-Op Community, I hope you will all enjoy reading it, as I know I will enjoy writing it.

At the recent AMEX show in Dublin Kimble’s Jim McCann celebrated his 67th birthday, and he enjoyed it in the company of  friends and colleagues amongst these was Irish veteran Bertie Cartmill of Buncrana, who is 84 years of age, and I’ll tell you what Bertie still looked a million dollars, and he can still give the young ones a run for their money when it comes to sinking a pint of Guinness or an Irish whiskey.

Many thanks to Paul Curley and Mark Hoste of Innovative Technology for acting as my  ‘mules’ (no not drug mules) in transporting my raffle prizes to AMEX, you were wonderful boys, and I won’t forget I owe you a drink, I don’t break a promise, well rarely!!

Talk about the luck of the Irish, well according to all and sundry Martin Devlin from Northern Ireland certainly has this, he went to a casino in Dublin on the first night of AMEX as he does every year, and every year he has a good win.  No wonder he always has that big beaming smile on his face on the second day of the show, and |I always thought it was that the smile was due that he was happy to be at AMEX, just shows what I know, not a lot!!

Scan Coin’s Claire Umbers was missing at AMEX this year she was off at another show in another part of the world, and the MD Jeff Carr stepped into Claire’s shoes at AMEX , have to tell you though Jeff you don’t have the same glamour as our Claire, but you were welcome just the same, and hope you enjoyed the show.

It was good to see Derek Lynch and Andy Walker of Carnaby Gaming Machines back at AMEX after a 2 year absence, maybe we can start on our afternoon teas again now Derek?  I know Derek those were the days these are the times!!

Good to see Mark Scotford and his partner Simone at AMEX, they had made the journey specially from Spain to come and enjoy the craic.  Must say Mark the Spanish way of life appears to be suiting you and you were sporting a great tan, I was very envious.

A few month’s ago Namco’s John Crompton asked Harry Levy’s Mick Kennedy about a tonic he could maybe take as he was feeling a bit lethargic, Mick recommended some tablets to him that had to be taken one each day dissolved in water.  A few weeks later when Mick asked John  how he was coping with the tablets, John said ok, but he found them difficult to swallow, yes you’ve guessed it he had been swallowing the tablet rather than taking it in water.  What a silly boy you are John, you should always listen t0 your Uncle Mick.

It’a a wonder people don’t think I’m a drug dealer mind you, as always at the shows, I get a request from Harry Levy’s Mick Kennedy at the top of his voice stating ‘Have you any drugs in your bag’ and all he really wants are either painkillers or indigestion tablets, but people do look in amazement at his request. I know I carry a large handbag, and now you know the reason why, I carry the drugs around in it!!”

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