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Well here we go again the party season is once again upon us, I’m sure it comes around quicker each year but whatever I’m sure most of us enjoy it and there will be a few hangovers out there, but at the time we are eating and drinking hangovers are never thought about and I would think a lot of us have said ‘never again’ of course that is until the next time! Anyway no matter who with, where or how you celebrate this season I would like to extend my good wishes to you all and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

There were great celebrations held at the Steak & Co restaurant in Leicester Square for the 70th birthday of Electrocoin’s John Stergides and this certain party was courtesy of the well known industry personality Richard Wilson. There was a nice gathering of around 30 industry personalities and I was the only female that received an invite, which I graciously accepted.

Amongst the well-known names were Jimmy and Simon Thomas, Simon Barff, Ian Imrie, Philip Noble, Harry Shipley, Roy Deeming, Norman Leftly, John Austin, Jason Frost, Gabi and John Jnr Stergides, Tony Boulton, Nick Harding, John White and many others. Richard presented John Stergides with a birthday cake in a replica of the famous Electrocoin Bar X machine and the food and wine flowed, and many of the guests went onto the Hippodrome Casino to try their luck. Just like to say a huge big thank you to Richard for such a great night and thanks for my invite. Here are some photos from the evening

Talk about a small world, it was on the night of John Stergides party, Norman Leftly had provided an assortment of photos taken over the years of John Stergides and these were transferred to a television screen in the restaurant, and I was looking at these when one lady diner who was sat at a nearby table with her husband asked me what this was all about. I explained to her and guess what you could have knocked me down with a feather when she told me that her late father used to work for the late Morris Shefras, and how much he had enjoyed his working days with them.

Nice to see the Hippodrome Casino in London gets in the news for more than just gambling, the recent Inside Soap Awards were held there where soap actors and actresses were presented with awards, so this was quite a good red carpet event held at the Hippodrome, only hope after they received their awards they then went into the actual casino to place some bets.

Industry perosnality Stephen Robins sent me these photos and as we can see from them they are of people in our industry but a few years ago, some have changed and others haven’t but I will leave you to decide which you think applies to each person.

Photo 1 Stephen with Mark Horwood, Gary Newman and Dave Sines

Photo 2 Stephen with Peter Walters, Adrian Cross, Bob Cross and Dave Garforth

Photo 3 Stephen with Terry Farr

Of Photo 3 Stephen says it looks like it was during his Simon Cowell dress alike era – I will make no further comment on this Stephen!!

Stephen says he is not spending Christmas in the Cayman Island this year as the Cayman Islanders are coming to him and his wife in Leeds and he will then meet his latest grandchild Ivy which he is really looking forward to, he also inform me that Ivy makes it grandchild number 7, gosh Stephen just where have all the years gone to? Anyway I’m sure I don’t need to tell you to enjoy yourself with all the family just hope your house is large enough!!

Many thanks to Electrcoin’s Andrew Murden for his thanks to me for the inclusion in my chat column of the BACTA Bikers and the mention of his wife Gemma and she was delighted to see her name in the press, come on Gemma you deserved the mention for sure after the hard bike ride you put in with the BACTA Bikers.

Had an email from Ann Casey the other day, the late Jim Casey’s widow and she was in hospital awaiting some tests, poor Ann she has not had the best of health now for quite a few years, but I am sure all of you that know Ann and that will be many would like to extend good wishes for a quick return to a healthier life. Ann also sent me some new about Pauline Ratledge’s daughter Teri and her Irish dancing, she was at the Birmingham Tattoo with The Emerald Isle Irish Dance Team, and I understand that the weekend was very successful for the team.

Condolences to Irish operator Philip Foggy on the recent death of his father, just hope that you are not finding things too difficult to cope with, and I hope that when you come to the Irish show in March you will be your usual cheerful self.

Many thanks to Milo Borissov of Bulgarian based Casino Technology for his personal kind invite to attend the BEGE show held recently in Sofia, due to other commitments I was unable to attend, and it appears I missed a very good show. This year was the 10th Anniversary of the show and they had over 4000 visitors and they pulled out all the stops for it too, visitors to the show were greeted by the sounds of Bulgarian national pipes and drums, the folklore group Chinary and a humanoid robot Sanbot, and they were also greeted by a vast and attractive array of dazzling equipment.

The Miss Gaming BEGE 2017 beauty queen pageant with contestants taking part from the largest Bulgarian operators was won by Admiral Casino’s graduated economist Alexandra Peyovich, awards were also presented honouring people and companies for their special contributions and excellent achievements and amongst these winners were Zitro, Novomatic, Casino Technology, Konami, Euro Games, Interblock and BetConstruct. Not content with these awards there was also an Innovation Zone and the companies that took part in this included Alberici, Ainsworth, Novomatic, Casino Technology, EGT, E-Service. Fininvest and Count R, IBA Entertainment, Bet 3000, Intergames, Innovative Technology, JPL and nanoVo. I will hopefully be able to take up your offer to visit Sofia in the 2018 Milo and will really look forward to it, and if I have not managed to make the trip before March I will hopefully meet up with you again at the Irish show.




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Thanks to Evelyn Wilkinson for bringing this to my attention

Steve good times indeed

Adrian Cross
18/12/2017, 22:06

Yes Adrian great times indeed! Pete Walters alive and well.No contact with Dave.
Have a great Xmas, Love to Mum and Dad x

Stephen Robins
21/12/2017, 09:15

Would be nice to hear the history of the Bar X, enjoy the column as always Joyce.


Andy T
23/12/2017, 14:34

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