Joyce’s column: November


UDC’s Richard (Bomber) Crompton caused quite a stir at the recent ACOS show as he left his large bag hanging around near a pillar and the security guard asked me if I knew who it belonged to, and at that time I didn’t. The security guard picked up the bag and went through it and she said it was ok there didn’t appear to be any strange devices in it (I think they might have meant bombs really but were not saying) so the security guard put the bag back beside the pillar, well that was the end of that so I thought, and I was still none the wiser as to who owned the bag.

About an hour and a half later the same bag appeared yet again this time near to the bar area, and of course the security guard checked it out yet again just in case anything untoward had been placed into in the meantime, again it was checked and was passed as ok. Just after it had been checked for the 2nd time Richard saw the security guard with his bag and went across and collected it from her. Next time Richard please do not leave your bag unattended as next time it might not be the security guard that checks it, it might be that someone steals it.

Nice to see Fantasia Leisure’s Terry Powell at ACOS even though his badge on one side stated he was Philip Kolvin QC, and the other side did have his correct name. I did ask Terry if he knew who Philip Kolvin was but he had no idea, in fact he hadn’t even noticed that there were 2 names on his badge, and he did turn it round to his real name once this was pointed out to him. If you were trying to be incognito Terry then it failed, when you have eagle eyes like mine around they don’t miss much.

Many thanks to Tina and Ian Eason of Instance Automatics for my wonderful surprise dinner venue at ACOS it was great and of course with most enjoyable company and what a great venue it was. No I am not going to tell you all where it was that is between us and when we want to get away from the madding crowd we know just where to go to do this.

Brian Brown always pays a visit to the shows and this time he had his lovely daughter Amy with him, she looked just like a model and what a lovely person she was, Amy informed me that she had been living in the north of England for many years and really loved it and the warm people, but she has now moved back down south due to family commitments. Brian never looks any older either he still has the same boyish exuberance about him as he had when I knew him at DMD many years ago. _

Karen Edwards of Charlie Edwards Leisure was at ACOS and she had been filming for ITV for the Pride of Britain Awards for the scientist Lorna Dawson who is the number 1 in soil science in the country. Lorna developed the technology to examine soil which only needs to be the size of a grain of rice. She  can then work out just where in the country it came from which is what she did in the case of Karen’s late daughter Becky who was murdered by Steven Halliwell. When he was arrested for murder, a  spade from Halliwell’s shed sat in the police exhibit room from 2011 until Karen got the case overturned in 2014. The evidence on that spade was unbelievable and Lorna analysed the build up of soil on the spade from 2003 to 2011 and removed layers bit by bit and one of the layers of soil came from Oxo Bottom field at Eastleigh which has a rare red soil that dates back to the Iron Age.

This sealed the connection of Halliwell to Becky’s murder. After Karen did the filming, ITV rang her about a week later to tell her that they would have to remove her interview from the awards ceremony as it would have run over time. Karen of course has not given up despite the fact that Halliwell has been charged with numerous murders, she is now helping families who have daughters that are missing to get the justice they deserve and hopefully not have to go through so much hassle the way she did. Well done to you Karen, I think you deserve an award for the work you are doing, and you must bring some kind of solace to these troubled families, also well done to Lorna Dawson for the help and hope she has given families and it was great to see her get her award what a terrific woman she is.

I was at Oldham-based Innovative Technology recently for my lovely beverage in my Royal Albert cup and whilst I was there David Bellis showed me the ICU which automates the ‘Challenge 25’ policy for controlling access to age-restricted purchases and gaming. Not only does it give age verification; it offers quick and easy integration, facial recognition, proven field reliability, anti fraud system and remote alarm. The benefits that can be gained from this unit include prevention of excluded players, prevention of minors from play/purchase, low cost ownership, a versatile unit suitable for multiple applications, reliable results and immediate indication of Challenge 25. The unit itself is very neat with 12V DC power, SOAP protocols, USB Ethernet interface, 179 x 30 x 43.2mm dimensions, wide angle of vision range, flexible range and can be horizontal or vertically mounted. I only hope David that you don’t install one of these in your offices as it would not be Challenge 25 with me, it would be more like Challenge 50 plus.

Now I thought it might be interesting to remind us of what tours the BACTA Bikers have completed since their formation in 1991 by industry veteran Dave Orton, there have been 13 tours and have raised over £181,000 to date. The charities and good causes that have been supported over the years includes MacMillan Nurses, John Radcliffe Hospital Children’s Cancer Research Centre, BIBIC, RNID, Children’s Hospices, Help For Heroes, Chips and their current nominated charity under the BACTA Charitable Trust is Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity.

Now for the list of their tours:

1992   John  O’Groats to Lands End

1995   Lands Ends to John O’Groats

1996   Monte Caro or Bust

1997   Round Britain Tour

1998   Norway – To Hell and Back – Hell is the name of a small town in Northern Norway

2000   John O’Groats to Lands End in 1 day

2004   Round Ireland Tour – Kiss the Blarney Stone

2006   Round Scotland Tour

2007   Arnhem – A Bridge Too Far

2011   The Isle of Skye

2012   The Normandy Beaches

2014   UK Pledge Collections – A Tour of Duty

2016   Novomatics and Gauselmann European Tour

Not only have the industry bikers taken to the saddle but also Gemma Andrew Murden’s wife has accompanied them on quite a few of the tours, including Arnhem, Scotland and Superheroes and she went as Bat Girl complete with costume. Well done to you Gemma as I know you hadn’t ridden for a while after the birth of Oliver and your bike had been sold and you had to manage on one of Andrew’s well apparently you did just that, you are a true super heroine and should be very proud of yourself. When she is not riding the bike and looking after Oliver she is the successful Director of Balance Wealth Planning a professional finance company that she helped to set up. If any of you need professional advice on your financial assets why don’t you Google Balance Wealth Planning it might be just what you need.

It also looks as if the Murden’s have roped Oliver into being a Super Hero too from the photo here of him with his Super Hero dad Andrew.

Staying with BACTA Bikers and BACTA congratulations and best wishes to Phil Silver, Head of Compliance who has 30 years service in with BACTA who is retiring, hope it all goes well for you Phil and please don’t be a stranger come and see us at the shows, that is of course if you have time, people tell me that when they retire they just don’t have enough hours in the day, hope you prove them wrong.


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